Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: Words That Burn

Wait… Words That Burn haven’t played in the UK before? Bloodstock 2021 will be their UK live debut? Well, that alone makes their show a must see.

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Hailing from the green-ish lands of Ireland, the band was founded in 2010 in Dundalk. Words That Burn are Roni MacRuairi (vocals & guitar), Ger Murphy (bass & vocals), Jason Christy (drums) and Shane Martin (guitars). They got together through a mutual desire to create something different to the ‘scene’ bands that flood the genre i.e. heavy, melodic, crushing, beautiful music.

They released their first EP ‘Praey’ in June 2013 and immediately hit the ground running. Following that up with their debut full-length, Regret is for the Dead and 2019’s follow-up, Pyres. The album that introduced us to them.



We called it one of the best albums of 2019 where there wasn’t a disappointing track on the album. That blend of melodic metal and alternative rock that is loaded with crushing riffs and soaring choruses was phenomenal.

In December 2020, they also released Pyres – Unspoken. An instrumental re-working of the Pyres album. Most recently? A new single called ‘Den of Lions’.

Since their inception, the band has become renowned for their searing live shows and have toured across the length and breadth of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. As well as a European tour with dates in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Words That Burn have taken a break from working on their 3rd album to visit the shores of the UK and you can catch them on the Sunday of the festival on the New Blood Stage. It promises to be a very exciting show but don’t take our word for it. The band had this to say:

Words That Burn are beyond excited to play the New Blood Stage on Sunday! We have just wrapped up a new album and plan to bring some new songs on to form our most crushingly heavy yet powerfully melodic set to date.


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