Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: Son of Boar

Mixing 70’s rock, doom and modern stoner/sludge, Bradford’s Son of Boar quickly made themselves known with blistering live shows where just about everyone fell in love with their heavy, groovy riffs, roaring vocals and head-banging rhythms.

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A Frankenstein’s monster stitched together from musicians of various local acts, the band gathered in darkened rehearsal rooms to create an equally mixed up sound. Spending the better part of two years squeezing in as many gigs as they could.



The three-track EP ‘The Tongueless Tale’ came in 2019 followed by even more shows and 2020’s Stoned Wail. Which featured the title track and two live-studio offerings. COVID might have stopped their live plans but that hasn’t stopped Son of Boar cracking on. Teaming up with Stoned Rocka Recordings, part of the Off Yer Rocka family, to release their debut self-titled album, in April of this year.

Five hefty tracks of dirty, stoner and gruff metal.

The live experience that so many have crowed about will be brought to the Bloodstock 2021 masses. You can catch Son of Boar when they take to the New Blood stage on the Sunday of the festival. It is going to be heavy, very heavy but don’t take our word for it. The band had this to say:

We play Sludgey, Doomed, Stoner-Rock that is sometimes dark, sometimes light and always hard-hitting. The set we’re putting together for Bloodstock will be heavy, groovy, grim, and a great time! So come down and get your Tusks Up!


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