Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: King Corpse

Emerging from the Black Country, King Corpse have been plying their sludgy doom metal trade since 2015. Building up a formidable reputation not just on record but in the live environment.

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The four-piece have released two EPs and a bunch of singles since their inception, the latest being Sacred Crimson in 2020. We described that EP as:

Fuzzed out heaviness. Disorientating, stupendously unique, akin to 500 pounds of steel pressing down on the skull with mind-mushing depth.

You can read our full review here.

Putting it simply… you’re going to feel a bit drunk after listening to King Corpse but it’s that good kind of drunk. Hugging strangers, high-fiving and telling everyone just how much you love them. Good thing it will all be legal by then.

King Corpse bring the heavy and the Jägermeister stage is the perfect place for them to unleash lockdown energy on the Bloodstock masses. It’s going to be a slow pit but a pit none the less. Make sure you’re front and centre come the Thursday of the festival. It’s going to be momentous but don’t take out word for it. The band had this to say about what fans can expect:

With our new guitarist Mitch on board and adding to our sonic arsenal, we plan on bringing messages of both misery and hope set to riffs the size of planets. The Jager tent won’t know what hit it.


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