Bloodstock 2019 – Band Feature/Interview: Lost in Lavender Town

Bloodstock Open Air 2019 is nearly upon us and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We adore the festival and this year’s line-up is simply phenomenal. From the Ronnie James Dio Main Stage to the Sophie Lancaster Stage to the New Blood and Jägermeister Stages, there is something for everyone! Not got your tickets yet!? What are you waiting for!? Head over to the Bloodstock Festival website here and join thousands of like-minded head-bangers for a weekend of quality rock and metal.

LILT (Lost in Lavender Town) was formed back in 2015 when a couple of nerds decided to take their badly named music projects out onto the stage. Combining ballistic boss battle beats and punchy progressive power-ups, the now 6-man party from Stoke sets out to inspire novel and nostalgia in their journey onwards.

They took part in the Stoke leg of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses events seeing off fierce competition to emerge as winners and earn their place at Bloodstock 2019.



They will be playing the New Blood Stage on Sunday the 11th August 2019.


Lavender Town 1

1. Congratulations on winning the Stoke leg of the M2TM and earning your slot on the Bloodstock New Blood Stage. What made you decide to take part?

After a good 3, pushing on 4 years together as band at this point, originally having a vocalist, and even performing sans-drummer for a period, we felt we’d really nailed our line-up and sound and were ready to get the ball rolling – M2TM being the ideal platform for that! Who wouldn’t want the chance to share music with more people?!

2. What were some of the highlights of your competition run?

The initial heat was actually our drummers first gig with us, so pulling that off in addition to getting through to the final was just mind-blowing. A lot of hard work and dedication coming to fruition. Additionally seeing a venue such as the Underground pull off such an incredible final heat was very humbling. Having all played there in previous iterations over the past 10+ years it was a great.

3. Describe the feeling if you can upon hearing your name read out as the winners?

Being instrumental and not quite as heavy as some of our contenders I think we’d all resided ourselves to the fact that we wouldn’t make it, so when our name got called we couldn’t quite believe it. So yes, initially bewilderment, but now a month or so on it’s generally huge excitement, with a dash of crippling anxiety 😃

4. How big of an opportunity is playing the New Blood Stage for Lost In Lavender Town? We’ve seen some bands really grow from it over the years!

It really is huge – When you consider that a band like TesseracT are playing, a band whom we all take great inspiration from and have been watching perform for I don’t even know how long, it proves that there is a thriving audience for technical, melodic, instrumental driven music and it really gives you the sense that anything is possible.

Lavender Town 2

5. What can Bloodstockers expect from you come festival time? Why should they come see you?

I am told that we are one of, if not the only instrumental band ever to make it through M2TM, so quite possibly a bit of something different, a palette cleanser perhaps… A nostalgia trip, a musical journey. We don’t just plough through a setlist, we tell a story.

6. Are you regular attendees to the festival or will this be your first time?

We are all veteran gig and festival goers, but only our bassist has been to Bloodstock in the past –So first Bloodstock visit for 5/6 of us, but more than prepared!

7. Are you hanging about all weekend? If so who are you most looking forward to seeing?

I think a couple of us plan on camping for the full weekend with a few others coming and going. Personally, TesseracT are priority #1, with prog legends Queensryche being next in-line. Thought if you ask any member of the band you are likely to get a largely different response!

8. What does the rest of 2019 look like for Lost In Lavender Town? Shows? Releases?

A completed line-up (it only took 4 years) – New music – New merch – And hopefully a very busy gigging calendar.


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