Bloodstock 2019 – Band Feature/Interview: Fallen Temples

Bloodstock Open Air 2019 is nearly upon us and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We adore the festival and this year’s line-up is simply phenomenal. From the Ronnie James Dio Main Stage to the Sophie Lancaster Stage to the New Blood and Jägermeister Stages, there is something for everyone! Not got your tickets yet!? What are you waiting for!? Head over to the Bloodstock Festival website here and join thousands of like-minded head-bangers for a weekend of quality rock and metal.

Fallen Temples formed in the summer of 2015 with an appetite to play riff and groove laden hard rock, giving the nod to the old school heaviness created by Black Sabbath and brought into the modern day by bands such as Rival Sons, Clutch and Soundgarden.

To date the strength of their energetic live show has taken them;

To a Stadium show with Skindred,
To Bloodstock Festival with Anthrax & Scorpions,
To Planet RockStock 2016 (alongside Black Stone Cherry, Steve Harris and The Dead Daisies),
To the final 10 bands in the UK wide Hard Rock Hell: Highway to Hell competition,
and to multiple manic festival closing headline sets at Kingsfest.

In a previous incarnation they’ve also shared the stage with NWOBHM royalty Diamond Head, Phil Campbell’s All Star Band (of Motorhead), Feeder and Revoker.

They took part in the South Wales leg of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses events and while they didn’t win, they impressed so much they earned a guest slot at Bloodstock 2019.



They will be playing the New Blood Stage on Sunday the 11th August 2019.



1. Hello Fallen Temples! Congratulations on getting on the bill of Bloodstock 2019. How are you feeling about it?

Hey! Many thanks. We’re super excited, it’s unreal. Never thought we’d have the opportunity, so we’re really grateful, and to be on the Bloodstock bill alongside all of these bands that we’ve listened to over the years is just insane!

2. While you didn’t win your M2TM leg, you were invited to play as special guests. That must have been one hell of an emotional journey!

Absolutely, it’s such a privilege. Throughout the competition we definitely felt like we were the odd ones out. The bands in the South Wales heats were awesome, and the overall style seemed to be much heavier than ours. We got up there in every round and played like there was no tomorrow, and we tried to put on a good show. It’s nice to know we made an impression! To be guest winners feels extra special to us.

3. What were some of the highlights during your run to the final?

It sounds cheesy to say, but every heat was like a big get together of great people and musicians. Every one was there to do their best, but also making some good friends with the other bands along the way. Everyone was supporting each other, which was awesome. We definitely felt like we came out of there having met some good people and friends. The other positive was the support for the rock and metal scene…droves of people came out to the shows to support all bands, which was incredible! Rock n Roll is certainly not dead!

4. You’re on the New Blood Stage on Sunday. What can Bloodstockers expect from your set?

Expect a big-hitting, big-riffing, groovy hard-rock show with lots of energy. You can’t help but nod your head and move to it. We have a big collection of influences from: Soundgarden, Clutch, Monster Truck, Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Metallica, etc. and we like to think a little bit of all of it shows through in what we play. Bring a neck brace cos youre gonna need it!

5. Are you there all weekend? If so who are you most looking forward to checking out yourself?

Yeah, hoping to be! As I said, some bands we’ve been listening to and influenced by for years, so definitely looking forward to: Anthrax, Parkway Drive, Teseract, Sabaton, Cradle of Filth, Soulfly, Dee Snider, Powerwolf and Scorpions. Still cant believe were on the same bill to be fair..and of course, we look forward to watching our South Wales buddies: Blind Divide on the New Blood stage too.

6. What does the rest of 2019 look like for Fallen Temples?

We’ve got a busy rest of the year now. In the studio in a couple of weeks to get our second EP finalised with a couple of videos planned shortly afterwards. Hopefully an album on the way towards the end of the year too, and in between we have some awesome gigs in Scotland, a few dotted around Wales and one we’ve just announced which is a big un’, with: Those Damn Crows and the mighty Skindred in Cwmbran stadium in October. Maybe even a cheeky tour if we can fit it in somewhere too.

Loving it! 🙂


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