Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Cadence Noir

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Formed back in 2011, playing a unique blend of Gothic-tinged, Folky, Bluesy, Rocky, Punky whatever-it-is, over the last 7 years Cadence Noir have grown a fan base and reputation for a visceral live show through nationwide touring, taking in some of the country’s finest alternative venues and festivals. Their highlight reel includes supporting Evil Scarecrow and Old Corpse Road, performing acoustically on the Jaeger stage at Bloodstock in 2014 and at Uprising 2017, and bringing shrieks and violins to the line-up at SOS, Sunkfest, Breaking Bands, and Lostock.

Frequently compared to…well, whatever band in the listener’s immediate frame of reference has a violin, Cadence Noir’s place in the musical landscape is hard to agree on for those who love to pigeonhole their rock and metal, but is probably somewhere Celtic or Transatlantic, belying their East Midlands roots.

Whether delivering their ferocious full set or the only slightly gentler acoustic version, you might not come away entirely sure what you just saw, but you will remember us. Hell, you might even like it.

Cadence Noir 2

You can pick up Cadence Noir’s music over on Bandcamp and find out more about them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


1. So tell us bit about yourselves! Who are you and how did Cadence Noir get started.

We are a band, (just about) always a good start. Formed in the darkest depths of the midlands open mic scene back in 2010, originally as an acoustic duo. We added Emma on the violin in 2011 and soon realised our heavily energetic live performances where obviously missing a rhythm section. A happy chance meeting at a jam night with our bassist Tom and our former drummer Rob lead to the creation of the aural chaos commonly referred to as Cadence Noir.



Gothic Folk ’N’ Rollers/Post Glam Speed Folk. That’s a hell of a description!

Yup. We know all bands who are asked to describe their sound generally say something along the lines of ‘unique and/or eclectic’ etc, but in our case we genuinely combine all the best parts of Blues, Folk, Goth, Celtic , Metal and Punk…. And then desecrate them.

You won your leg of the Metal to the Masses this year! Tell us about that journey.

To be honest, when we entered the Wrexham M2TM it was only because Ade our singer wanted to finally bring the band to his home town. It was only intended to be a fun gig. We are eternally grateful to our bassist Toms partner Lorraine for letting him out for the Semi and final as they became parents for the 2nd time shortly after the 1st round. We where surprised and humbled throughout the comp to win the crowd vote. During the final, Redwood Avenue, Impavidus and OMV played phenomenal sets. We where waiting at the bar to get the drinks in for the winner when Rob shouted us out. It was a proud moment for us, but truthfully not one that we expected at all.

Cadence Noir 5

4. So you’re hitting the New Blood Stage on Saturday at midday! How are you feeling about it? This isn’t your first Bloodstock rodeo is it?

We’ve been coming to BOA since its indoor days (we’re not old.. honestly) , it was our friends in Andraste who performed on Jaeger stage in 2013 who encouraged us to get in touch with Simon for our subsequent performance in 2014. We were much more of an acoustic act back then, so to be getting the opportunity to bring our considerably evolved and more ferocious beast back to the hallowed grounds of Catton Hall is a challenge we are hugely excited and honoured to have. Over the last few years we’ve shared multiple bills with previous and current M2TM winners in Witch Tripper, Prognisis, Ward XVI, Aonia, and Kinasis and so to be treading the same boards as our peers and gaining the badge ourselves is epic.

Why should Bloodstockers come check you out? What can they expect from your show?

Truthfully, whether for better or worse, we are definitely one of the more different bands on the bill this year. Our soundtrack is one you can equally either chill to at the back or pit your proverbial head off, dance a jig, or embrace a loved one. Visiting every corner of the genre spectrum bar jazz, we provide a ferocious and unique live show. We also dress fabulously and have a tech crew entirely comprised of penguins plus an elephant.



6. Are you hanging around all weekend? Who are you going to be checking out?

Ade and Emma are over for the duration. Looking forward to catching Fire Red Empress and Arkona on Thursday. Our good friends in Leicester’s victors Seven Hells on the Friday along with Bleed from Within and of course Doro and Priest. Orphaned Land and Sodomized Cadaver along with Aonia and Valafar on the New Blood. Also looking forward to catching Luke Appleton and Gemma Fox spreading the acoustic love on Jaeger stage Sunday. If you’re about you’ll generally spot us in Motley brew between bands or over at Lemmy’s in the eve.

7. What does the rest of 2018 look like for Cadence Noir?

Its been quite a hectic year for us so far with BOA capping off a fabulous run of summer festivals. We have a couple of acoustic stage performances coming up before we return to full band duties in mid Sept. We are currently gigging in support of our current Single and Live EP #FFBB which is available everywhere now and will continue to onwards into 2019. The live domain is our home and indeed the reason why we formed in the first place. Come find us and you’ll see why!

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Upcoming Live Shows


Aug 11th Bloodstock New Blood Stage Catton Hall
Aug 25th Rockwich Fest Northwich (Acoustic)
Sept 7th Didsbury Park Art Manchester (Acoustic)
Sept 15th Bank Top Tavern Oldham
Oct 6th Black Market Warsop
Oct 7th Dove and Rainbow Sheffield
Oct 20th Central Station Wrexham
Dec 22nd Firebug Leicester


May 4th Rockforce Festival Blackpool
May 25th Breaking Bands Festival
Aug 24th Pagan Pride Milton Keynes


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