Best Video Games for Increasing Brain Power

People of all ages use brain-training games to boost cognitive abilities and delay the effects of aging on the brain. Science supports the idea that regular practice with a brain-training game can enhance cognitive functions like focus, memory, speed, and logic over time.

Why should one play games online?

Online gaming has several advantages. Most importantly, they are portable, convenient, and can be played whenever you wish to improve your health and productivity. Furthermore, they improve your disposition and help us relax regardless of your age.

Brain games, particularly those played online, can improve memory and keep the brain healthy and active, much like physical exercise has the potential to boost the body’s strength. This is especially true for games that encourage analysis and problem-solving.

Try these entertaining mental workouts after playing your favorite Vegas Casino online real money slots games for pure fun, and see if you don’t gain some mental strength and sharpness in the process.

1. Eidetic

Could it be because you’re a student? Facing a deadline of less than a week to study for an important exam but can’t seem to recall any of the material? Eidetic claims to stand apart from the other IQ apps “by employing elements that have meaning and context.” The core concept of Eidetic is awesome since you can use it to store pretty much anything you find entertaining or intriguing. Did your pals say something hilarious? What’s your favorite movie, and why?

These can be gathered and kept in one convenient location. By breaking up the learning process, you can better store the information in your long-term memory.

2. Nintendo Brain Age

This video game puzzle was influenced by the work of the eminent Japanese neurologist Dr. Kawashima. His research focused on the effects of reading and doing math puzzles on cognitive performance. Nintendo Brain Age was designed to stimulate players and sharpen their memory and focus.

One of the best things about Nintendo Brain Age is you get to pick the games you play. Nintendo recommends spending about five minutes per day playing any of the eight different types of games.

To prevent your brain from becoming overly specialized in any one area, you may only engage in the following activities once a day; this will still be an excellent exercise for your brain. There are eight contests, including Devilish Blocks, Devilish Calculations, and Devilish Mice.

Let’s say you’ve played one of these games and now need a mental break. The game also has a soothing mode where players can pair colors with music. The other gamers are there for you to interact with and compete against.

3. Elevate

There are currently 35 (and growing) unique brain training games available on the Elevate app, all of which are designed with education as their primary focus. Both the iOS and Android versions are free (with in-app purchases) and have received hundreds of five-star reviews.

The activities in Elevate gear toward improving your reading, writing, speaking, and arithmetic skills, and you can tailor your training to focus on the areas you feel need the most improvement. Like other similar games, you can monitor your development as you play.

4. Brain it On!

This is a particularly huge one. This game’s main attraction is its physics-based puzzles. The only way to win these tricky games is to channel your inner creative. Use your shape-drawing skills to tackle tricky physics challenges. These appear simple yet are considerably challenging.

Feel like giving it a shot? There are dozens of challenging physics puzzles, and more are still being added.

  • Play Brain It On! And see if you can win the title against your pals.
  • Each puzzle has a variety of answers; can you pick the right one?
  • Discuss the differences between your approaches and those of your peers.

Once you’ve accumulated enough stars from completed levels, you can unlock the remaining ones at no cost. A large number of brand-new, player-made, free levels appear every day in the community tab. In addition to removing commercials and gaining access to hints, skippable levels, and a level editor, purchasing the game will get you full access to all levels and the ability to create your own.

5. Luminosity

There are over sixty games available on Luminosity for training your brain to perform better in areas such as memory, focus, adaptability, problem-solving, and speed. Regardless of your age or expertise, you can play games tailored to you and your play style in real time.

So, the games get more challenging as you progress. While you play, Lumosity analyzes your game results and provides feedback and insights into your mental abilities. In this way, you can have fun while picking up valuable knowledge about tips better your brain. Isn’t that neat?

Luminosity also offers classes in math, language, and meditation. You can keep track of your progress while you do exercises every day. It is playable via a web browser or after downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store. Sadly, Luminosity isn’t free. You can pay $59.95 annually or $299.95 once and access all 58 games forever.

Take away

Some studies have found that playing specific types of video games can have similar effects on the brain as engaging in more physically taxing activities, including a delay in the aging process and enhanced problem-solving and attention to detail.


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