Band Interview: Pathos & Logos

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with instrumental metal power-duo, Pathos & Logos.

They will release their brand-new single, Mergers & Acquisitions on the 1st of January 2019 and you can read our review of that song here.

1. Tell us a little bit about the origins of Pathos and Logos.

Logos: We met in New Jersey when I was working as an engineer on one of the God Forbid records. Paul (Pathos) was in a band with a friend of a friend of those guys, and I forced myself into their band hahaha….
Pathos: THAT IS 100% CORRECT. He was the singer, and was just dreadful…
Logos: So he fired me!
Pathos: I called my man up and fired him after 1 show.
Logos: We were still cool and all, so a couple of weeks later I called him up and asked him to form another group with me on guitar. He had just quit the other group, and we’ve been playing together since.
Pathos: That’s right. We’ve easily written over 100 songs together since, for our other projects We All Have Day Jobs and The Caveat. Pathos & Logos is the first time we have done it as a duo.

2. Does being an instrumental band make it easier as you don’t have to worry about lyrics or singing?

Pathos: I wouldn’t say it makes it easier, because we find ourselves doing more of the behind the scenes work. But we do seem to write the music and produce it much faster, simply because there is only 2 schedules to have to deal account for.
Logos: Only having 2 schedules to deal with is great, but Paul is right, we do have to do more of the behind the scenes work. And getting a new project off the ground is always an uphill battle at first.

3. There’s no denying that it is really difficult to get your name out there when you’re a new band. How do you approach that?

Pathos: It’s important to come right out of the gate with some bangers. Once we figured out where we wanted Pathos & Logos to go sonically, we decided to focus on the music first.
Logos: Yeah, we also thought that with the way the industry is leaning towards streaming and YouTube we needed to release songs on an expedited schedule so new fans would see our name pop up more and more often. Quality content, done consistently over time, will yield results.

4. Are you embracing streaming and YouTube or is it a matter of having no choice?

Logos: We 100% embrace it.
Pathos: Not only do we embrace it, but we knew it was going to go this way years ago!
Logos: We kinda of feel that people are just catching up to us. We’ve been releasing songs as digital singles since 2008. Not only is it a viable way to make a living as a band or musician, it’s a proven method if you think about it.
Pathos: The Beatles used to release singles…
Pathos: Jazz-cats did a form of this in that genre as well. While they weren’t releasing “singles” in the form that we are familiar with, they would release albums of performances, and could do anywhere from 3-10 of those a year.
Logos: Elvis Presley used to do the same, except he would do BOTH singles and live releases…and he had a gold toilet that he would take shits in. Let that sink in for a minute…
Pathos: All that to say, we are all for streaming and Youtube, and give those services preferential treatment as they allow us to reach our fans instantly, and control the content ourselves.

5. Gaming, Horror, Head-Banging? What’s your poison and why?

Pathos: Is Godzilla considered Horror??
Logos: I don’t think so. Lately, I would say gaming since I got a couple of the classic consoles and have hacked them to install a ton of games. That is pretty rad.
Pathos: Mainly watching films from the Godzilla saga.
Logos: …and Head-Banging of course, as we are in the studio all the time working on new songs.
Pathos: Head-Banging alongside Kyle in the studio I guess.
Logos: We did just go see The Black Dahlia Murder and Khemmis. That counts.
Pathos: Ahhhh, so it does!

6. 2019…is it going to be a big year for Pathos & Logos? What is in the works?

Pathos: Big things in the works.
Logos: Yep! We plan to release 6 songs in 2019, we have some synchronization licenses in the works, and we are working on two regional tours this summer and fall.

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