Band Interview: Lucifour M

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life is pleased to bring you an interview with Lucifour M. A four-piece band whose multifaceted and multidimensional music features many references to cinematic works.



1. How did you get started as a band?

We started just as we met…well Marco and Michele only at first…then Mattia joined… we have been jamming and playing together since then…1 year roughly…all have been happening very naturally..we simply try having fun and recording it…

2.How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is a mixture of different influences…we all love Black music.. R&B…soul Funk…but we just play songs..pop songs…so yes there is a Black music element in our first records..but maybe it will be different next time..we don’t know honestly…we simply do what we like at the moment

3. What bands/artists would you say have influenced your style of music?

Stevie Wonder for sure…or Marvin Gaye…but also Beatles or popmusic in general….now we are listening some Metal! There’s some kind of poetry even there…so maybe next time we will be more hard…who knows?!

4. Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band?

Music is all there now…well it seems everything! I don’t know if YouTube or streaming Is helping…I think that is simply the way people use for listening to music and to connect…all is very fast so obtaining attention is very difficult…but the key is still having something great to show! Thanks to internet we will be playing The Great Escape Festival in Brighton next May and it would not be possible like this 15 years ago…so there is something good in all this..yknow…

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

All of us like movies…and Michele loves can hear something in his lyrics I suppose…but we don’t have a lot of time apart from music…Marco and I have children…we love spending time with our families

6. What are your future plans musically? Tours?

We are planning gigs now…but also postponing some in Italy due to Corona Virus..80% of Italy is locked down…and same is happening in all the world we hope to get out of it soon and playing a lot next spring and summer.


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