Band Interview: Filmspeed

Two parts Motown, one part Tinseltown, all parts moving. The power trio of Filmspeed is comprised of two life long friends and a born music machine. From humble beginnings in 2004 outside Detroit, MI and thru the gamut of the independent music industry, unyielding passion always precedes the sound. Combining blood pumping anthems, melodic hooks, and soulful grooves, Filmspeed thrives on the live music experience.

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to bring you an interview with Filmspeed.

1. Hi guys. Pleasure to speak to you. So Filmspeed. How did you get to where you are now?

Hi thanks for chatting with us! Well… That’s a long story, isn’t it? Well the short version is that Craig and Nick have known each other since early High School back in Detroit, MI. They moved out to SoCal awhile back with other hometown friends to hustle it in the DIY music scene. They enjoyed some success in the pop-punk/myspace era under a different name, including a few national tours and well received albums. After burning out, fading away, and rekindling, they relaunched a new project. New name, new look, new sound. The first album saw the same lineup involved but no real live shows or touring. The 2nd record brought in a new drummer, a more raw sound and got the band building a local following.

In preparing the 3rd LP, that drummer went on to pursue other ventures. Oliver entered the picture about 2 years ago through mutual musician friends and referrals via Facebook groups. Any time a trio gets a new member, it’s a whole different band. So the most recent full length has 2 different drummers featured on it. Now with a full time band mate, we’ve got a new double-sided single and has just completed a west coast tour up to Canada and back. The chemistry has never been better and the ambition has never been greater.

2. It’s an unusual name. Did you just activate the rock/heavy metal name generator or does it have more meaning?

If only it was that easy haha! The name stems on a reflection of memories and past events that tell a story from your point of view. The band explains, “[memories] always comes in bits and pieces like chopped up scenes from a movie about yourself. As more crazy things happen in this life, the more you’re living at the speed of a film; Filmspeed.”

3. Describe your sound in just three words.

Dirty Sexy Money.

4. You’re about to go out on tour – what can people expect?

Visually, our show is 3 kids suffering from massive anxiety and taking it out on some beat up equipment. We’ve heard it referred to as “controlled chaos”. Musically, we’re gonna grab you by the soul and shake that shit out! Every room is a little different, so not every set is quite the same. We often throw covers in between songs or even in the middle of the song itself. Our crowds are usually full of singers and dancers, some good, some awful, but all of them collectively losing it. Our new single “Bless My Soul” drops on Jan 18th with a B-side called “Shakey Love”. Most likely, you’ll be hearing one if not both of these during this tour. We’re also getting a brand new song together to work out the kinks thru the length of the run. You may or may not hear that one, we’ll see how it goes, haha!

5. Are you more of a studio band or is it all about getting out there and playing live?

See above. All three of us feel most at home onstage. There’s nowhere we’d rather be. While recording and studio time is fun and important, we’d rather be onstage 24/7.

6. Where haven’t you played live that you’d absolutely love to?

Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Mt. Everest. We’re looking to conquer the world here, it doesn’t matter where we do it!

7. The rise of streaming services/YouTube …helped or hindered you as a band?

Absolutely changed the game on exposure which is great. Absolutely crushed making money which isn’t as great. Ultimately the biz is the same, it’s all about the hustle, network and timing.

8. Any horror buffs in the band? If so what’s your poison, movie-wise?

Hate to disappoint, but the common thread between these members is comedy fans. Comics, podcasts, freestyle bs-ing. We are always looking to crack jokes and make each other laugh.

9. The same for gaming. Any gamers? If so what do you enjoy?

Nick and Oliver are the only two gamers in the band. They like to play CSGO and Dota together. Craig don’t fux w/ games.

10. What does the rest of 2019 look like for Filmspeed?

Now that we’re back from tour, we’re headed back to the studio for new music. The official video for “Bless My Soul” drops in mid-February. In March, we’ll be doing a full 4 day run for St. Patrick’s week(end). In the meantime, we’ll be recording/releasing new podcast episodes and putting together a package to pitch for bigger summer tour plans.

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