Album Review: Yersin – The Scythe is Remorseless (Trepanation Records)

Hailing from the desolate musical pit of Sunderland, UK, Yersin are a band that have cultivated a dedicated local following and increasing national one. Their music encapsulates elements of crust punk, Swedish D-beat, Birmingham death metal, all infused with a ferric black metal tinge, creating a raw auditory experience.

Their highly anticipated second album, ‘The Scythe is Remorseless’, will be released January 10th, 2024, via Trepanation Records.

It’s quite apt that the opening track of this album is called Triumphant as this beast of a release is undeniably glorious. Yersin, a band that has built up a really strong reputation, set the heavy bar for 2024, and show just how far they’ve come since 2020’s debut Guilt. If you’re not madly in love with the filthy carnage that this opener portrays, you might want to get yourself checked out.

Their feral approach combining death, black, d-beat, crust punk, and more is exceptionally exciting. Especially as Yersin aren’t afraid to experiment here and there. Although, when it’s simply about sounding like a feverish nightmare, no-one is going to complain. Case in point, Mouths Like Open Graves and its combo of guitars and drums.

How about the title track though? This is Yersin at their absolute best as it showcases more of their punky and hardcore inspired side. You can ‘two-step’ here and there, provided you can stop yourself from head-banging long enough to do it. It really doesn’t get much heavier than this.

Thinking that a lot of this album is going to sound killer live? You’re not alone and Lust for Crust might be the finest example of this. This could be a nasty one, but at this stage of the album, the sheer savage heaviness on show is par for the course. Yersin are sounding like 2024’s most dangerous band.

F**k it, we all only live once, so let the Red Mist descend and go f**king nuts with Yersin. This album is the sound of blood, sweat, and tears, and you can tell that Yersin thought about the live experience as much as the studio one when you hear tracks like To the Masses.

Sadly, it’s over far too soon as Doom wraps things up at around the 25-minute mark. It’s one hell of a finish though, and the decision to have spoken-word statements is inspired. Words that have a lot of impact.

Yersin leave the listener wanting so much more, but no-one is going to be feel dissatisfied regardless.

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Yersin – The Scythe is Remorseless Track Listing:

1. Triumphant
2. Mouths Like Open Graves
3. The Scythe is Remorseless
4. Lust for Crust
5. Red Mist
6. To the Masses
7. Doom


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Yersin – The Scythe is Remorseless (Trepanation Records)
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