Album Review: Xenobiotic – Mordrake (Unique Leader)

Australian masters of progressive death metal Xenobiotic have returned with their earth shatteringly destructive sophomore album Mordrake, which will be unleashed on February 21st through Unique Leader.

The follow up to their well received debut full length, Prometheus, Mordrake finds the group delving further into the unrelentingly crushing technical brutality combined with sickening, ruinous atmospherics that has garnered them attention throughout the world.

The group said of Mordrake:

For the last year, we have worked tirelessly to complete the next chapter in this bands journey. With new members, new influences and a refined vision, we strived to elevate our sound to heights unexplored by this band to date. Looking back on 2019 and what we have managed to create, we are extremely proud and hope this record connects with all of you the way it has with us.

This album is more than just an arrangement of music. It is our darkest secrets, our worst fears and our most vivid nightmares. It is everything that casts a shadow over you and I.

With the force of a 1000 suns, Xenobiotic burst into flame with an album of death metal barbarism and technical proficiency. 11 tracks of concentrated heaviness, delightful shifts and electrifying metal beginning with the exquisite Insomnia and continuing into the immense Light that Burns the Sky.

Most will be sold on those two immediately but just in case, Xenobiotic have plenty more in the tank. A tank brimming with feverishly intense riffs, slamming percussion and vocals ripped straight out of the deepest and darkest corner of hell.

Inverted, Acedia, Fractured and Thalamus making up a very strong middle of the album. There’s also some nice variety in the likes of Saphris thanks to wonderfully heartening melody and the inclusion of all-rounder Sam Dishington.

Breaking the title track into two parts; Reverie and Acquiesce wrap up a technical death metal masterpiece. The former darkly melodic at first before erupting in familiar style while the latter is a much larger but equally as violent listen. The added power of Kyle Anderson making this a finale not to be forgotten.

Xenobiotic – Mordrake Full Track Listing:

1. Insomnia
2. Light That Burns The Sky
3. Inverted
4. Acedia
5. Dysphoria
6. Saphris (feat. Sam Dishington)
7. Fractured
8. Thalamus
9. Grieving the Loss of Self
10. Mordrake I: Reverie
11. Mordrake II: Acquiesce (feat. Kyle Anderson)


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Xenobiotic - Mordrake (Unique Leader)
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