Album Review: Wormwood – Arkivet (Black Lodge)

Wormwood are back with their new album ‘Arkivet’ (The Archive) detailing mankind’s inability to take care of the earth. The album takes you on a sojourn across lands soon devoid of people, a not-so-far-future where flames become citizens.

Arkivet will be released on August 27th, 2021 via Black Lodge.

Swedish melodic black metal at its most miserable but thought-provoking, Wormwood continue to push their own personal boundaries while growing as a band. Arkivet is storytelling on a grander and deeper level but with undeniable heart and soul. You can feel Wormwood in this record, their icy tendrils creep and crush and leave the mind emotionally wrought but satisfied.

That can’t be understated… Arkivet is such a satisfying listen. Seven tracks of moving melodic black metal. Even if some of the movement is entirely head and neck based.

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Yes, for all the talk of the emotive and attractive qualities of this album and Wormwood in general, it is a blistering attack of heavy noise. One rooted in an older and more primordial black metal sound but with a dark outlook on the future and a smart infusion of modern rockiness.

Mentally taxing to listen to, the band express themselves with ease. The strength of the riffs, the depth to the melodies, the eviscerating vocal performance, the power in the percussion; it creates an unmissable sound. One that twists and turns throughout and across seven volumes. A dark and cold story perfected and filled with purpose.

Wormwood – Arkivet Full Track Listing:

1. The Archive
2. Overgrowth
3. End of Message
4. My Northern Heart
5. Ensamheten
6. The Slow Drown
7. The Gentle Touch of Humanity


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Wormwood – Arkivet (Black Lodge)
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