Album Review: Voidgazer – Dance of the Undesirables (Self Released)

St. Louis biker prog outfit Voidgazer will release their new album ‘Dance of the Undesirables’ on August 27th, 2021.

With a dirtier, angrier and more intense showcase of progressive metal, Voidgazer stand out. Dance of the Undesirables is something that hits hard and keeps on pummelling away. The five tracks run the death, doom, prog and heavy metal gambit and keep the spirits low and the head banging away.

Dance of the Undesirables starts off with aggression at the forefront too as Jesus Take the Needle builds up and up to an eruption of ferocity. As order arrives, the complexities of the instrumentation take over and Voidgazer shift effortlessly from progressive intricacies to crushing heaviness and speeding savagery.



Talking of speed too, Expectations Management is a doozy with a ripping solo and the right mix of head-banging heaviness and heavy metal glory.

It’s the longest and most elaborate track of the bunch next with the title track. Over 8 and a half minutes of high-tempo passion with groovy drops here and there. Clever and interesting, it keeps you on your toes constantly.

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Though they’re certainly not finished pushing and punishing the mind as Blast Equalizer and Sexual Sadist Serial Slasher ensure the album is still power personified. The former’s filthy slow-down at the end is disgustingly brilliant and the latter is heaviness on a level not heard elsewhere on this album.

Voidgazer – Dance of the Undesirables Full Track Listing:

1. Jesus Take the Needle
2. Expectations Management
3. Dance of the Undesirables
4. Blast Equalizer
5. Sexual Sadist Serial Slasher


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Voidgazer - Dance of the Undesirables (Self Released)
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