Album Review: Wolfhorde – Hounds of Perdition (Inverse Records)

Wolfhorde will release their second album titled ‘Hounds of Perdition’ on January 11th 2019 via Inverse Records. The album wakes you up into a nihilistic dystopia of the dying world. The world of Hounds of Perdition is roaming with strange creatures and few people in the snowy and gruesome fields of nothingness.

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Wolfhorde could be described as a folk metal band, all the recognisable elements are there especially on opener, Chimera. However, they buck a lot of folk metal trends and expectations by having way more rock and heavier groove.

Chimera is a super strong start as it shows off flair in the production that allows the folky passages to sit comfortably beside the thumping metal. A lengthy start is then turned on its head by Wolfhorde showing off the previously-mentioned groove on shorter (by their standards) numbers. However, it’s these tracks that show of a few of the album’s flaws.

Doctor of the Plague has some nice clean vocals and a little bit of mystery in the folk melody but it gets repetitive. Black Song is uninteresting, Towers of Silence keeps things together just about but it is finally with Forged In Ice that Wolfhorde really step things up. A wicked fist-pumper of a track, the call to arms style of vocals, energetic rhythm and catchy chorus makes this an absolute highlight.

That and the following Kill the Light certainly might make a few people think of the likes of Sabaton. It’s not completely something new but there is enough blending of imaginative and cinematic atmospheres with straight up metal goodness to make this an album worth checking out.

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Wolfhorde – Hounds of Perdition Full Track Listing:

1. Chimera
2. Doctor of the Plague
3. Black Song
4. Towers of Silence
5. Forged in Ice
6. Kill the Light
7. Hounds of Perdition

The album will be available via all major digital platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes and Napster. You can find out more and keep up to date with news by checking Wolfhorde’s website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.

Wolfhorde - Hounds of Perdition (Inverse Records)
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