Album Review: Withering Soul – Last Contact (Mortal Music)

Blackened melodic death metal veterans Withering Soul will release their new album, Last Contact on September 24th, 2021 on Mortal Music.

The band have said this:

Withering Soul continues with their fourth instalment of blackened melodic death metal, dramatic mood swings and eerie atmospheres. Last Contact is an anthology of stories that blur the line between the living and deceased and elaborates on the idea of receiving a communication from someone or something that no longer exists. Anything from a voice recording, a distress signal, to a star flickering in the night sky. The observer is left only to their interpretation, unsuspecting of what could potentially be something far more sinister than what appears. Reality is sometimes the scariest narrative of all!

A blast of blackened death metal with melodic undertones, Withering Soul come out of the gates with power behind them and hold the course over eight tracks. A course littered with expectations of what this kind of music should sound like and what Withering Soul are capable of.

This band hardly cares about that sort of stuff though. They know exactly what to do and do it with confidence. We’re not hearing something that will change the face of metal as we know it and that is totally fine.

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Last Contact is unreservedly a death metal album, first and foremost. Then we have the black and melodic edges, each balanced impressively with the constant and forceful heavy instrumentation. From the moment Visitation’s speeding aggression picks up, to the moment Uncharted Course seems to lose control in a whirlwind of furious noise. Last Contact sees the masters of their craft, Withering Soul deliver a lesson in rhythmic heaviness and savagery.

Sometimes sharp and cutting, sometimes filthy and infectious, sometimes twisted and evil, but always memorable. You’ll be going to hell if you listen to this album but at least Withering Soul will be there alongside you.

Withering Soul – Last Contact Full Track Listing:

1. Visitation
2. Allegory of the Void
3. Carrion Reflection
4. Of Blackened Pillars
5. Ascent to Madness
6. Into the Harrowing Expanse
7. The Transcendence of Night
8. Uncharted Course


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Withering Soul - Last Contact (Mortal Music)
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