Album Review: Witches of Doom – Deadlights (Self Released)

Describing themselves as a goth-stoner-doom band, Rome’s Witches of Doom first burst onto the scene in 2013. Citing influence from the likes of Type O Negative, their blend of 80’s goth & hard rock has seen them become one of the hottest acts in the Roman Underground scene.

Deadlights (they all float down here) is Witches of Doom second full length release. Opening song Lizard Tongue’s electronica start is initially off-putting but it builds anticipation that pays off as the drums kick into the heavier side of the music. Incredibly catchy, one of the first things that will become apparent is just how good of a singer Danilo Piludu is.

His voice compliments the music perfectly and at times it reminds me of Mushroomheads XX album (Run With the Wolf). That’s certainly not a negative & those worrying that the goth/electronic sound might dominate need not.  The mix throughout the album is so well done, neither one side dominating or over-shadowing the other.

One of the more ‘heavy’ on the electronica is Deface & it is one of the best songs on the entire album. It’s structure & style just makes for a incredibly pleasing listen with a chorus that sees Piludu’s voice just soar.

My praise for the singer doesn’t mean the rest of the band are slacking, far from it. Part of the reason why the blend of gothic tones & rock work so well together are the catchy & memorable riffs. Backed up by subtle but effective drumming, Witches of Sorrow are very close to the complete package within their genre.

Some of the bands influences have been stated but as you listen it becomes clearer to see just who else has helped shape their sound (Black Voodoo Girl has a wonderful swagger about it). Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Black Sabbath etc. You can hear the influences but it always feels like it’s own thing, the sound of Witches of Sorrow.

Deadlights might not initially blow you away on first listen, it’s got a lot going on & a lot to take in but take the time as you’ll be richly rewarded for it. There is plenty for all fans of rock & metal to enjoy here.

Full Tracklist:

1. Lizard Tongue
2. Run with the Wolf
3. Deface
4. Winter Coming
5. Homeless
6. Black Voodoo Girl
7. Mater Mortis
8. Gospel for War
9. I Don’t Want to be a Star

Witches of Doom - Deadlights (Self Released)
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