Album Review: We Are Sovereign – Step Out Your Comfort Zone (Self Released)

British metalcore mob We Are Sovereign are back with a brand-new album called ‘Step Out Your Comfort Zone.’ Set for release on September 4th, 2023.

We speak for those who feel like giving up, we speak for those who feel like they have lost the way, and we speak for those who fear the unknown.

A band that are easy to connect too, to feel part of their family, and feel like they are speaking directly to us. We Are Sovereign have made a name for themselves with their honest and relatable metalcore already but are now looking to take a big step forward with this new album. Becoming more anthemic, more relevant, and more intense than ever.

It’s time to step out of your own comfort zone and join them on this journey. A journey that begins with the emphatic statement and intro, Keep Going (Survival). Before the pace is quickened and the first of their big choruses are revealed with Don’t You Dare Quit (Resilience). The heart and soul of this track comes from the paired vocals, playing off each other. One clean, one harsh, and both portraying the message of this track phenomenally.

Nostalgia (Acceptance) takes a more dramatically melodic approach, blending modern electronica effects, a short, spoken word section, abrasive instrumentation, and blistering metalcore heaviness. The result being one of their wildest efforts to date. Whereas the tone of These 4 Walls (Torment) is one of their most serious, an unflinchingly honest look at mental health within the youth of today. Something that We Are Sovereign showcase with heartfelt aplomb and discordant melodies.

Continuing to deliver deep feeling and unarguable authenticity, This Farewell Is Our Fate (Heartbreak) is We Are Sovereign at their most beautiful, and chaotic sounding. The dichotomy in style is what makes them such a revelation within the ‘core’ world. Something that is further portrayed with the electronica beat of Reflection, and the sombre and cinematic layers of intensity that come from Bridges Burnt, Lessons Learnt (Betrayal). The latter featuring a stunning guest vocal performance from Fit For A King vocalist Ryan Tuck O’Leary. The latter part of this track is such a singalong.

Finally, it’s something truly heart-wrenching with Time Can Be So Short (Loss). The keyboard melody is stunning, the vocals are delivered so passionately, and it grows into such an anthem, everyone will love it. Before We Are Sovereign end this career-highlight as they begun with the ambient and memorable Overcome.

While a band like We Are Sovereign exist and put out music like this, no-one can ever truly feel alone.

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We Are Sovereign – Step Out Your Comfort Zone Track Listing:

1. Keep Going (Survival)
2. Don’t You Dare Quit (Resilience)
3. Nostalgia (Acceptance)
4. These 4 Walls (Torment)
5. This Farewell Is Our Fate (Heartbreak)
6. Reflection
7. Bridges Burnt, Lessons Learnt (Betrayal) (feat. Ryan Tuck O’Leary)
8. Time Can Be So Short (Loss)
9. Overcome


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We Are Sovereign - Step Out Your Comfort Zone (Self Released)
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