Album Review: Vvilderness – Devour The Sun (Beverina Productions/Casus Belli Musica)

The new album of the Hungarian one-man project Vvilderness is called Devour The Sun! Traditional post-black metal with atmospheric, blackgaze and folk elements. Out on March 1st 2018 via Beverina Productions and Casus Belli Musica.

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If you like your metal to be dripping in dark atmosphere then look no further then this new offering from Vvilderness. After a lengthy trip through a darkened landscape with opener Starless Dark, things really come to life with the ferocious but enlightening, Sol.

It’s here that the metal comes out to play with blackened riffs that have just the right amount of melody layered throughout. All while the vocals howl as if the very gates of hell have opened up.

Blending horrific post-black metal heaviness with wonderous atmosphere, Devour the Sun flies by in a blur of emotion. No matter if it’s delivering folksy melodic gold with New Earth or the tremendous epic that is the final track, Aftershine. If you need one song that sums up the power within Vvilderness then it is this finale. A track that excels at showing just how dreamy & uplifting post-black metal can be.

A very early contender for the album of the year.

Vvilderness 2

Vvilderness – Devour the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Starless Dark
2. Sol
3. Devour the Sun
4. Life
5. New Earth
6. Aftershine

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp, here and here. Find out more about Vvilderness on Facebook.

Vvilderness - Devour The Sun (Beverina Productions/Casus Belli Musica)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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