Album Review: Rite of Thalia – Discordia (Self Released)

Discordia is the debut album from Italian symphonic metal band, Rite of Thalia. It was released in November 2017.

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Standing out in the symphonic metal crowd is no easy task as there are always inevitable comparisons to the likes of Nightwish, Within Temptation & Epica. Those comparisons are going to be levied at Rite of Thalia too but give the Italian metallers a chance & you’ll find plenty that marks them out as a bit different.

For starters, vocalist, Chiara Petrelli has a much sweeter voice, one that soars but is softer on the ears. She is an incredible talent backed up by thumping riffs, screaming solos & fist-pumping rhythm. Sacrificium is a solid start but it’s Confession that really makes you sit up & take notice thanks to its groove laden guitars. It’s also the first track that really showcases the range that Petrelli has.

Things really ramp up though on the title track as the symphonic elements take control & the riffs take on a brief but harder edge.

However, momentum is lost a bit with the short double of Twin Enemies & Shades. This is a little frustrating as the former has a ‘battle-like’ beat to it that suggest it might be building to something but then it just ends. While the latter is a sweet-sounding keyboards/vocal only tune that feels out of place coming directly after Twin Enemies.

Thankfully the symphonic ship is righted with the best track on the album, Tales of Sudden Fate. Upbeat & pacey, it’s got such vigour about it & will get the neck muscles twitching. The faster, more peppy tracks are often the high points of the entire album but many of the slower, more melodic offerings are pretty memorable too. Looking in the Mirror in particular is a beautiful & emotional track.

The final double of Black Orchid & All That Remains cement both ends of the scale that Rite of Thalia sit on. The former a faster & heavier rock tune while the former goes for soaring vocals, slower melody & huge sounding symphonic effects. Both songs are a credit to a band that seem so at ease with this sound. Other than the slight misstep in the middle, Rite of Thalia barely put a foot wrong throughout an excellent symphonic metal release.

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Rite of Thalia – Discordia Full Track Listing:

1. Fragment
2. Sacrificium
3. Confession
4. Discordia
5. Twin Enemies
6. Shades
7. Tales of Sudden Fate
8. Hostages of Tragedy (featuring Matthew Mills)
9. Looking in the Mirror
10. I Promised
11. Black Orchid
12. All That Remains

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Check out the album yourself on Spotify, Deezer, via Amazon above & via Apple Music below. Find out more about Rite of Thalia on Facebook  Twitter & watch some of their videos on YouTube.


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Rite of Thalia - Discordia (Self Released)
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