Album Review: Vokonis – Odyssey (The Sign Records)

The Sign Records proudly presents the fourth studio album of Sweden’s Vokonis! Odyssey is the band’s first true prog record – a record for the new decade. The new album features guest musician Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka) on keyboards. It will be released on May 7th 2021.

Six tracks but coming in at just over 40 minutes, Vokonis have a lot of depth and detail to share on their brand-new album. A progressive ‘odyssey’ that avoids the prog pitfall of being overly complex to the point of boredom. If there is one major takeaway from Odyssey it is that it’s never boring.

Kicking off with strong metal intensity on Rebellion, the riffs twist and turn but it has heavier depth that compels a bout of serious head-banging. The vocals alternate between richly smooth and scathingly furious. A heavy-duty start.

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It’s with the following title track that the prog really arrives as Vokonis take us on an ambitious expedition through their imaginative world. Here, we get profound melodies, meticulous groove, epic soloing, eloquent vocals and breath-taking surges of rocking vitality.

It’s a dynamic listen but, and this is really important, Vokonis are only getting started.

Blackened Wings combines antagonistic metal passion and Vokonis’ imposing proggy sound, the guitar solo here is a particular high point. Whereas Azure has so much head-banging quality about it and Hollow Waters is filled to the brim with epic moments. From the magnificent singing to the heartfelt melodies and the thumping percussion section to the impassioned heavier flareups. It’s a ‘wow’ track.

How do you top all of that? By taking it all, upping the ante and rolling it into one gargantuan near 13-minute finale. Yes, Through the Depths is the zenith and crowning glory of Vokonis’ blockbuster journey. Unbelievably detailed prog heaviness with a number of shifts and changes that seem so natural. It’s one of the best individual tracks you’ll hear this year on an album that can be rightfully called an accomplishment.

Vokonis – Odyssey Full Track Listing:

1. Rebellion
2. Odyssey
3. Blackened Wings
4. Azure
5. Hollow Waters
6. Through the Depths


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Vokonis - Odyssey (The Sign Records)
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