Album Review: Vaelmyst – Secrypts of the Egochasm (Self Released)

Hailing from hallowed depths and set on overshadowing slain remains, Vaelmyst have come forth as conduits of spiritual violence through a brutal melodic death metal delivery.

Conceived in Los Angeles during the winter of 2017, the melo-death ensemble burst onto the scene just months later with an earth-shattering EP (Earthly Wounds) and single that would cement the group as one to keep an eye on.

Now the hour dawns upon us for the release of their full-length debut album Secrypts Of the Egochasm. Out on August 13th, 2021.

Melodic death metal with a brutal twist, there’s something remarkably heavier about Vaelmyst’s Secrypts Of The Egochasm then you might first expect upon reading ‘melo-death’.

Whereas many bands focus on the ‘melo’ over the ‘death’, it’s the other way around for Vaelmyst and it makes a difference. Although that isn’t to say when they drop into melodious moments, it isn’t utterly thrilling. The opener, Espirit De Corps is a thumping and ballsy showcase of their innate savageness with melodic twinges.

A frenzy of riffs makes Dawnless sound particularly special before a wild solo introduces the head-banging brilliance that is Spineless Throne. Two early tracks to make you realise you’re listening to something damn impressive.

There’s a darker and moodier feel to The Ghost of Ire, followed by the aptly titled, Ghoulish Delight. Aptly titled because Vaelmyst play with all the vigour and bloodthirsty passion of a beast ravenous from hunger that has found a campsite of young kids.

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Take a breather with the 2+ minutes of chill and calm melody that is Into the Egochasm. You’ll ned it as Envenom the Sea is straight-up death metal viciousness and The Coin of this Realm is melo-death epic to wrap things up ever so sweet. The gothic keyboard segment is divine sounding.

Banging. From beginning to end.

Vaelmyst – Secrypts Of the Egochasm Full Track Listing:

1. Espirit De Corps
2. Dawnless
3. Spineless Throne
4. The Ghost of Ire
5. Ghoulish Delight
6. Into the Egochasm
7. Envenom the Sea
8. The Coin of This Realm


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Vaelmyst - Secrypts of the Egochasm (Self Released)
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