Album Review: Until I Wake – Inside My Head (Fearless Records)

Buffalo quartet Until I Wake — vocalist Cody Johnson, bassist Ryan Ridley, guitarist August Geitner, and drummer Alex Curtin — will release their new album ‘Inside My Head’ on the 9th of September via Fearless Records.

The dissonance of melody, post-hardcore ferocity, electronica, and synth is at an all-time high on Inside My Head. Yet when you’re a band as talented as Until I Wake, that conflict is taken and turned into something quite special. Something that takes the discordant blend and shapes it into something that is anthemic and intense. Two things that stand out the most across the thirteen tracks of the album.

Intense heaviness and anthemic melodies. On the one hand, Until I Wake are following in the footsteps of some spectacular bands but on the other, they are clearly carving their own path to greatness. Something that seems more assured thanks to the spectacular sound they deliver on Inside My Head.

One aspect that stands out more than any other is how well Until I Wake marry the metal with the melody. How they twist exciting melodrama with harsh heaviness and layer in a fair number of effects to compliment things. At times, a lot of the time, the album simply soars (helped by the impressive vocals). It’s not an easy task to get this balance right and, for the most part, Until I Wake nail it.

Though there are some moments that might be a bit more polarising. Such as the rapping that crops up in Reasons. Something that feels out of place when you consider what came before and after. Then there is Undeserving, a highly melodramatic effort that lacks a hook. It’s nice bit it’s not that memorable.

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Small complaints though as Inside My Head is too enjoyable to dwell on any negatives. The modern soundscapes, the exceptional balancing act of intensity and melody, the heart and soul that burns brightly, and Until I Wake’s undeniable talents makes it one seriously enjoyable listen. It’s likely to resonate with a lot of people and just as likely to elevate this band to even greater heights.

Until I Wake – Inside My Head Full Track Listing:

1. The Sacrifice
2. Forsaken
3. Fake
4. Octane
5. Reasons
6. hope ur happy
7. Inside My Head
8. Still Sinking
9. Undeserving
10. Blue Beam
11. For the Record
12. Legacy
13. Marching Forward


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Until I Wake - Inside My Head (Fearless Records)
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