Album Review: To The Grave – Epilogue (Unique Leader)

To The Grave’s objective has always been to create sonically and thematically heavy music, charged with a grim, confronting message. Featuring their entire self-released debut album ‘Global Warning’, plus 7 new songs, Epilogue is a huge 18 tracks of intense brutality.

Vocalist Dane Evans comments:

Epilogue is a culmination and celebration of the all we’ve achieved and been through together. It features a remixed, remastered version of our complete 2019 record Global Warning with a bunch of good friends lending their voices, as well as 7new songs that we created in 2020. These new songs are by far our most malevolent offerings to date and this release stands as a form of appreciation to our fans, friends and those who’ve supported us through hell and back. Epilogue may be the final chapter to Global Warning but rest assured, this is just the beginning.

Epilogue will be released on April 16th 2021 via Unique Leader Records.

A humongous release that works for both old and new fans. The former getting to hear 7 new tracks. The latter getting to hear an album that might have passed them by and hear where To The Grave were heading afterwards.

Split neatly into two, tracks 1 to 11 is the Global Warning album in full. All 11 tracks of beastly slamming death metal, with a ferocity that will make all the hair stand up across the body. Without taking anything away from the rest of instruments, the drumming… holy freaking hell. This is inhuman blast beat stuff that is impossible to ignore.

Not that you’d want too, as put that drumming with the fierceness of the guitars and the feral vocal style, and you have To the Grave’s Global Warning. A startling but excellent album that needs to be heard by everyone, let alone fans of extreme.

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If you’ve got limited time and can only check out a handful of tracks we do recommend you give Ecocide, Hell Hole, The Devil in Sheepskin and Lips & Assholes a listen. The perfect 4 tracks out of an album that rarely puts a foot wrong to make you understand just how intense To The Grave are.

Talking of intensity though…

The new music has zero fucking chill. To the Grave playing with all their blistering might and delivering 7 of the most brutal sounding tracks they have ever produced. From the utter carnage caused by Hear Evil, See Evil (The Haunting of 2624 Dog Trap Rd) to the existential crisis the slam of [-REC] causes to the grimace Death By A Thousand Cuts sends hurtling across every face that hears it. This is simply insane.

They’re inhuman. They have to be. What a collection Epilogue is and if this is your first opportunity to hear To The Grave, you best grab it with both hands. Just be prepared to be gripping so tightly you might end up rupturing a couple of muscles.

To The Grave – Epilogue Full Track Listing:

1. Holocaustralia : Global Warning
2. Ecocide
3. Pest Control
4. Hell Hole
5. Slaughter Forever
6. Gristle Blower
7. The Devil in Sheepskin
8. Wastage
9. Skin Like Pigs
10. Lips & Assholes
11. Seven Billion Reasons Why
12. Hear Evil, See Evil (The Haunting of 2624 Dog Trap Rd)
13. Miserable Summer
14. [-REC]
15. Terrorist Threat
16. Kill Shelter
17. Death By A Thousand Cuts
18. Recoil in Horror (活き締め)



To The Grave - Epilogue (Unique Leader)
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