Album Review: Thorium – Thorium (Empire Records)

Empire Records will release the self-titled debut album of Thorium on October 5th 2018.

Thorium are influenced by and incorporate elements of all the classic styles of metal. From the past four decades, such as NWOBHM, power metal, progressive metal, speed metal, Bay Area thrash and of course classic heavy metal.

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A short war-drum beat and encouraging riff (March of the Eastern Tribe) leads into Ostrogoth, a track that is weighted heavily towards classic heavy metal with flashes of speed, thrash and power thrown in. When Thorium say they are a bubbling pot of influences and styles, they weren’t kidding. Thankfully it doesn’t sound muddled or messy, their focus is clear.

The power metal elements really come out to wail on the exciting pace of Court of Blood. The guitar solo is class here while Godspeed’s galloping pace will leave listeners with a silly grin by just how catchy it is.

With no missteps up to this point, it’s only Icons Fall and Powder that fail to ignite the same passion felt for what came before and what comes after. A super strong vocal performance (all the way through the album) and decent solos are the most positive things that can be said about so-so tracks.

All Manner of Light brings things back around with fast-paced rhythmic drumming and hyper guitars that thrum and soar. Return to the Clouds and Four by Number, Four by Fate finish off the album. The former follows the formula set out before to great effect but shifting the tempo suddenly to a soft and ballady ‘lighters out’ section. It’s unexpected and very welcome as there has been nothing like this on the rest of the album.

The latter is Thorium throwing everything, including the kitchen sink into a 15 minute epic. With no other track taking on such a momentous task it has to be said that Thorium seem to thrive when going all out. Four by Number, Four by Fate show the full range of the heavy metallers. Showcasing their power/classic metal credentials and cementing their use of speed and melody perfectly.

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Thorium – Thorium Full Track Listing:

1. March of the Eastern Tribe
2. Ostrogoth
3. Court of Blood
4. Godspeed
5. Icons Fall
6. Powder and Arms
7. All Manner of Light
8. Return to the Clouds
9. Four by Number, Four by Fate

Head over to Thorium’s website where you can pick up merchandise and find out more about the band. Also give them a like over on Facebook for even more information!


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Thorium - Thorium (Empire Records)
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