Album Review: The Shaking Sensations – How Are We To Fight The Blight? (Pelagic Records)

The Shaking Sensations have expanded the classic post-rock constellation by addition of a second drummer, allowing the band to develop a unique approach to the rhythm section and a fresh and unconventional take on instrumental rock music..

Then in 2013, the band went on hiatus.

It wasn’t that we felt like we’d broke up or that we parted after disagreements, but more like the circle was fulfilled, that we didn’t have more to contribute with. The three previous releases were kind of worriless, innocent and circled around themes such as life, death, being young, growing up, accepting things as they evolve and unfold. Quite simple and maybe, a bit nostalgic and probably naive, comments Jeppe Nygaard Christensen.

‘How Are We To Fight The Blight?’ displays a band that has lost this innocence, in favour of reflection, growth and maturity… and yet fresh, dedicated and honing their craft. When the band members came back together, after a lengthy phase of focusing on other aspects of life outside of music, everyone came to the conclusion, collectively and individually, that they wanted to bring this band back to life.

How Are We To Fight The Blight? is released on the 4th October 2019 through Pelagic Records.


Instrumental hard rock with a heavy touch of the post about it, The Shaking Sensations look to deliver an unforgettable experience on their new album and by gods, do they do it.

How Are We To Fight the Blight? is an exceptionally strong release that will touch souls. The opening track, Twenty Amino Acids does this immediately with a wonderful melody and while Tremendous Efforts has a faster tempo, the rhythm is just as spectacular.

This is instrumental music that will make you feel.

However, as good as that opening double is, The Shaking Sensations outdo themselves with The Frailness of Your Stem. A 10+ minute wander through haunting post landscapes, the beauty of which can’t be put into words. What we hear here is one of the best tracks of the year that can be rightly called a journey that everyone should go on.

How the hell do you follow that!?

By continuing to do exactly what they’ve already done so far. Incredible post-rhythms and tear-jerking melodies with Manual Trauma and Sightings. Before we get another two gargantuan efforts with End of Hope and In Dead Silence. The former beginning with a much darker and colder feel as it slowly gets going but emerging out of the murk for a more upbeat effort albeit one tinged with emotion. While the latter is as heavy as it gets for The Shaking Sensations.

Something this wonderful…you just don’t want it to end but end it must and How Are We To Fight the Blight? goes out in a blaze of hopeful glory. Arcadia drawing the curtain on a phenomenal post-rock experience.

One of the best albums of the year without a shadow of a doubt.


The Shaking Sensations – How Are We To Fight The Blight? Full Track Listing:

1. Twenty Amino Acids
2. Tremendous Efforts
3. The Frailness of Your Stem
4. Manual Trauma
5. Sightings
6. End of Hope
7. In Dead Silence
8. Arcadia




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The Shaking Sensations - How Are We To Fight The Blight? (Pelagic Records)
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