Album Review: The Penny Antics – An Album (Self Released)

The Penny Antics, the Essex grunge and punk duo, will release their brand-new album, ‘An Album’, on July 12th, 2024.

What do you get when you press play on a track by The Penny Antics? A whole lot of noise, a whole lot of energy, and a whole lot of attitude. It’s punk, but punk warped by the grungier and rockier side of this band. Which is what An Album offers, alongside so much more.

Be prepared to be challenged by the wacked out antics of The Penny Antics as they get the ball rolling with the uncultured grungy vibes of Three Piece Suit. A track that hits with its shouty chorus, adding a layer of catchiness to the methodical mood. A catchiness that is also present on the following Sixteen Sick Teens, a track with errant melody, emphatic vitality, and a track that shows off some of the more unique aspects of The Penny Antics sound.

The fire under them is well and truly lit now and they offer some proper punk heat with Sheep and Fake. Both are vigorous body shakers and some of the best high-energy tracks of the album. Although there’s nothing to complain about when The Penny Antics get melodic too, as the halfway point of Happy showcases. An acoustic led piece that is light and airy. Authenticity oozing from its core, and it can rightfully be called lovable.

Call that a chance to take a deep breath because things go a bit crazy afterwards. First, The Penny Antics going wild with the forceful punk speed and intensity of Petrol Bomb. Then sounding suitably pissed off with Repeat the Week and Don’t Worry About Your Music. They really are very good at combining old-school punk and rock with a modern flavour, and you need to constantly remind yourself that all of this is coming from a two-piece. The short and sharp style of these tracks making their vitriolic ways even more appealing.

It helps the album fly by in a blur, especially as Don’t Eat, Don’t Sleep, the penultimate track continues the fist-pumping and hip-shaking anthemic ways. Leading to an ending that is certainly surprising. Not only is Audio Nasty (Instrumental) the longest track by a significant margin, it’s also an instrumental, and a highly experimental one at that. A track that certainly intrigues, but a track that needs multiple listens to full appreciate what The Penny Antics are trying to showcase here.

Even if it that track is not your jam, you’re going to be very satisfied by the bulk of this new album. They’re a talented pair, capable of setting the senses aflame, offering up thought-provoking aspects to their music, and being downright infectious. An Album is well worth a listen.

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The Penny Antics – An Album Track Listing:

1. Three Piece Suit
2. Sixteen Sick Teens
3. Sheep
4. Fake
5. Happy
6. Petrol Bomb
7. Repeat the Week
8. Don’t Worry About Your Music
9. Don’t Eat, Don’t Sleep
10. Audio Nasty (Instrumental)


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The Penny Antics – An Album (Self Released)
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