Album Review: The Other – Haunted (Drakkar Entertainment)

There‘s still light in the house at the end of the road: The Other are back, unleashing what may very well be their most bone-chilling effort yet. For as long as they exist, Germany’s biggest Horrorpunk band has been under the spell of monsters, of outsiders, serial killers, apparitions, nightmares and creatures stitched together in secret laboratories.

On ‘Haunted’, however, terror and shock come in a different guise. Rod Usher, the very figurehead of horror itself, has the reasons: Album eight courtesy of his undead army is their most personal effort yet. And their most painful, at that.

He groans:

I killed quite a number of women in these lyrics. It’s the necessary artistic closure of a crushing experience and a huge disappointment.

Haunted will be released on June 12th 2020 via Drakkar Entertainment.

Mixing goth rock with horror punk, The Other are a sexy and sleazy outfit capable of writing infectiously catchy tunes. With a bit of tongue in cheek fun, their music is often high-tempo and energetic stuff that gets the body moving even if it has been buried six-feet under.

It’s that gothic catchiness that makes Mark of the Devil such a banger before the punk rock comes crawling out of the grave with, We’re All Dead. Both tracks great examples of exactly what The Other are capable of.

Careful your head doesn’t fall off through the force of head-banging along to the likes of Turn it Louder, Was uns zerstoert, Vampire Girl and Creepy Crawling. Just a handful of tracks that deliver on grin-inducing horror-infused rock punk promise.

The Other are a very talented bunch and Haunted is a damn good release. If you’re not suffering the convulsions creating by the punk, you’ll no doubt be singing along. Loud enough to wake the dead.

The Others – Haunted Full Track Listing:

1. Mark of The Devil
2. We’re All Dead
3. Turn It Louder
4. Dead To You – Dead To Me
5. Was uns zerstoert
6. On My Skin
7. 1408 217
8. Vampire Girl
9. Absolution
10. Fading Away
11. Creepy Crawling
12. To Hell and Back
13. The Silence After the First Snow


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The Other - Haunted (Drakkar Entertainment)
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