Album Review: The Moor – Ombra (Inertial Music)

Italian progressive death metal outfit The Moor will release their brand-new album ‘Ombra’ on March 15th, 2024, via Inertial Music.

Weaving a huge tapestry of vibrant sounds, as cinematic as it is progressive, and with plenty of twists and turns, The Moor’s new album is undeniably an ambitious release. One that challenges progressive perceptions, while being innately listenable, and emphatically blending melody with metal.

It’s cinema that The Moor utilise as an introduction to the album. Showcasing orchestral grandeur on the opening track, Intro – Il tema dell’Ombra. Building excitement and intrigue, it tells you immediately, that the record is going to be a mightily lavish affair. What it won’t do though, is show just how progressively detailed what follows is. Starting with layers upon layers of rhythmic heaviness melody, The Moor utilising the power of different vocal styles very well, and giving the percussion centre stage.

Illuminant comes next and the crashing noise that introduces it suggests we’re about to get something much darker and heavier. Which we do, but it’s also faster, and much more erratic. The Moor’s creative juices are overflowing and even the melodies come with an emphatic clatter. How could anyone not love the soloing in the latter portion? Although, as lavish as everything has been up to this point, it all seems to pale in comparison to the wild ride that is the title track. If you want to hear the full scale of The Moor’s abilities, this track is a damn fine choice.

Though that doesn’t mean what follows doesn’t have massive impact either. This River Spoke, a track with wicked marching-style drum beats, ringing post-like guitars, and a solo sharp enough to pierce the soul. Lifetime Damage, a track that takes things in a moodier direction, much to the delight of the ears. Withered, a track that sees the heavy bar, and raises it even more. The Moor continue to show just how adaptable their progressive sound is.

No matter how listenable Ombra is a whole, it can’t be ignored that this is progressive metal and The Moor are constantly shifting the tone in stunning ways. It is why things remain so compelling as the album reaches its latter stages. Although, when you’ve built up this much good will, it would take something phenomenally bad to ruin things. Which, of course, is certainly not something that happens when elaborate efforts like Our Tides and Passage come along. Want more of those cinematic feelings and crushing drum beats? You’ll find your desires sated with the former. Whereas the latter might have some of the deepest melodies, it still has chunky drumming and those guitars sing for the soul.

Can it end strongly too? Of course it can, and the final pairing of Vitreous and Thirst take us on a dreamy, detailed, and delightful journey of progressive metal that could only ever come from the mind of this band. The Moor’s ambition is well and truly realised, and it’s the listeners who are the ones richly rewarded for that.

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The Moor – Ombra Track Listing:

1. Intro – Il tema dell’Ombra
2. The Overlord Disease
3. Illuminant
4. Ombra
5. This River Spoke
6. Lifetime Damage
7. Withered
8. Our Tides
9. Passage
10. Vitreous
11. Thirst


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The Moor - Ombra (Inertial Music)
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