Album Review: The Human Tornado – Love Is Démodé (Rockshots Records)

The fury of Italy’s The Human Tornado will be unleashing their new album ‘Love Is Démodé’ on March 11, 2022 via Rockshots Records.

The lyrical concept behind the album is love, one of the strongest feelings of deep affection. It has different aspects and it can be addressed to another person, an animal, or a passion. But, if it’s pure, this doesn’t matter. The band explains further:

For some years this feeling of love has been declining, going out of fashion. In fact, in our society finding people loving what they do is increasingly difficult and often image, power, success are the most important aspects of life. Moreover, these goals are more and more often achieved by means of questionable actions and negative feelings. In this album we want to express our idea of love in particular towards music, showing in every single song even the dark and negative sides coming from love in our life.

Songs about love are hardly unique. After all, the likes of The Beatles once sang that ‘all you need is love’ and Wet Wet Wet once sang that ‘love is all around’. However, The Human Tornado are using it as the foundation for their album rather than say, a specific concept. Dressing up variations on love, its impact and how it can shape us, into hard and heavy rock music.

A frenetic and groovy head-banging start with It’s Never Too Late and Dreamland gets the blood pumping nicely. Slightly gruff and intense vocals, frantic riffing, hooks galore and pounding percussion combine to create a heavyweight start to the album.

The energetic beginning is kept in focus even though What I’m Waiting For has a more melodramatic chorus that is lovably catchy and features some grungy undertones. The Iron King is fast and flippant groove that compels the body to move and the head to start nodding along. Great Unknown then varies the tempo up at the halfway point for something with a more melodic flavour but still featuring the same intensity that The Human Tornado has had so far. Before Last Embrace explodes with an infectious blast of noise. It’s a figurative whirlwind of hard rock, picking you up and making you dizzy.

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It’s no surprise that something more chilled eventually arrives and it’s with Free that The Human Tornado deliver. At least at first before they increase the tempo and bring forth galloping rock energy. Leading to an absolutely blisteringly heavy finish. Followed then by the groovy pairing of Kill! Kill! Kill!, a proper singalong track, and Compromise. Before Black Mind Hole closes things out in expected rocking style.

The Human Tornado – Love Is Démodé Full Track Listing:

1. It’s Never Too Late
2. Dreamland
3. What I’m Waiting For
4. The Iron King
5. Great Unknown
6. Last Embrace
7. Free
8. Kill! Kill! Kill!
9. Compromise
10. Black Mind Hole


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The Human Tornado - Love Is Démodé (Rockshots Records)
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