Album Review: The Hellfreaks – God On the Run (Self Released)

Spawned from surf-psycho roots in 2009, Shakey Sue decided to abandon her drumsticks and pick up a microphone. Alongside her trusted guitarist, they recruited two punk rockers and summoned a sound more fitting of their devilish nature. The Hellfreaks were born.

2010 saw the release of their debut album ‘Hell Sweet Hell’ which was an immediate success. The Hellfreaks were rapidly leaving their tracks across the globe from Alaska to Australia and from Budapest to Birmingham as their fans devoured the record.

After two years of relentless touring, their second full length album ‘Circus Of Shame’ was unleashed to the world through Longneck Records. A mix of punkrock and billy-influenced-sound, alternative model and vocalist Shakey Sue and her three partners in crime set out to take their fans and critics by storm for a second time.

After a split in 2014 and a period of a creative re-invention, Shakey Sue returned with a new line-up of freaks and a hungry punk rock attitude. In 2016, The Hellfreaks released their much anticipated new generation album, ‘Astoria’. Separating themselves from their ‘billy’ roots, they crafted a sound entirely of their own.

Now the evolution continues with the roaring 4th studio album, God On the Run out on February 7th 2020. Strap in folks, the rides about to begin!

Bringing good rock energy infused with punk spirit, The Hellfreaks get the party started in style with Men in Grey. As much a track to shake the hips too as it is to head-bang. A lot of that comes down to the fiery vocals of Shakey Sue who can capture the soul with a mix of punk-infused snarls while still showcasing a powerful voice.

Combined with pacy rhythm, some hefty riffing and huge choruses, such as found on Red Sky and Hello Sea, and we have the recipe for greatness here.

The Hellfreaks don’t let the fire burn out for even a second as they continue to deliver punchy and bouncy punk-rock tunes with Doldrum Dynasty, the oh so sexy groove of Witches Heal and super catchy Royal Blue.

Short and pointed, exactly as punk-rock should be, Adrenalized demands we give The Hellfreaks a little more of our energy. Before As Above and Clear Water prove they can also bring some more mellow tunes to the table without compromising the spirit of punk.

A very classy album, God On the Run ends with a synthy and sleazy sounding Tabby for something a bit different. As high quality as everything that came before though.

The Hellfreaks – God On the Run Full Track Listing:

1. Men In Grey
2. Red Sky
3. Hello Sea!
4. Doldrum Dynasty
5. Witches Heal
6. Royal Blue
7. Adrenalized
8. As Above
9. Clear Water
10. Tabby


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The Hellfreaks - God On the Run (Self Released)
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