Album Review: The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian (Unique Leader Records)

US blackened deathcore six-piece The Breathing Process’ new album ‘Labyrinthian’ will be released on the 8th October via Unique Leader. Featuring guest vocals from David John Simonich (Signs of the Swarm), Jamie Graham (Viscera) & a monumental mix and master from Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Rivers of Nihil).

Fusing a rabid style of deathcore with black metal and symphonic flair touches here and there, The Breathing Process continue to excel in their own personal space with this latest release. Where lavish detail meets crushing heaviness. Where brutality meets beauty and the sense of epic never overshadows the core destructive values of this band and album.

A handful of massive heavy-hitters in the form of Terminal, Shadow Self and Wilt immediately make this one to fall in love with. A violent showcase of power but also a virulent showcase of larger-than-life melody. The combination is unbeatable and The Breathing Process are at the top of their game when it comes delivering on expectations.

Expectations that only increase but are easily knocked out of the water as A Savage Plea oozes enthusiastic viciousness and the title track has The Breathing Process going hell for leather. Where the blackened side of the band is fully explored and proves to be capable of melting faces off. Although the latter part of this track also sees them reach melodic highs not heard so far.

Though if you want to experience just how far The Breathing Process can push things, the 7+ minute epic that is I Sleep, I Wake will provide. Here, the depths of heavy are explored and with their wide-reaching net, The Breathing Process bring way more than silt to the surface.

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Impactful and lavish, both Heir to None and Shroud sound as immense as anything that came before. Whereas Atlas probes a little deeper into the kind of horror that came from music rooted in such hostility. Before We, The Drowned calls time on the Labyrinthian journey by going as grandiose as possible. The Breathing Process still capable of astounding and enlightening as they take things to a symphonic heavy high.

The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian Full Track Listing:

1. Terminal
2. Shadow Self
3. Wilt
4. A Savage Plea
5. Labyrinthian
6. I Sleep, I Wake
7. Heir to None
8. Shroud
9. Atlas
10. We, The Drowned



The Breathing Process - Labyrinthian (Unique Leader Records)
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