Album Review: Sxuperion – Endless Spiritual Embodiment (Bloody Mountain Records)

Quantum-level chaos ensues as doom-laden death and ethereal madness are brought forth on May 3rd with the release of Sxuperion’s Endless Spiritual Embodiment. The new album from multi-instrumentalist (and Valdur drummer) Matthew will be released through Bloody Mountain Records.

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The deep and rasping roars, screams and moans that pass as vocals across Sxuperion’s Endless Spiritual Embodiment are some of the most horrid sounding heard in some time. Add that level of horror to the grinding frenzy of the death metal pace, the bleak doom-like riffs and evil percussion and what we have is a very filthy and very savage album. Exemplified by the title track that is pure twisted evil put into musical form. It’s messy, it’s gross and it’s terrifying but there’s something appealing about it.

Phallic Point of Periapsis and Negative Interior Intersection follows that. The former sounding like a band being thrown down the stairs while still playing their instruments albeit with an undercurrent of black metal rhythm running through it like a big, bloody vein. The latter breaks up the furious righteousness with a big segment of uncomfortably evil sounding noises.

Freshening things up, Supposition Course is a much more focused track. The rhythm far more discernible and the layered effects really adding impact. No vocals, just ritualistic metal. It’s the best track on the album thanks to how thrilling it is.

The final two tracks take up half the album with a combined run-time of 16 minutes (the album is about 32 minutes long). It’s more of the same with Infinite Ethereal Vault, a very moody and very dark piece of savagery. Whereas Endless Embodiment’s longer length sees the track better balanced mixing slow evil with faster hate spewing noise. It’s a strong end to an album that has highs and lows.

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Sxuperion – Endless Spiritual Embodiment Full Track Listing:

1. Sacred Chamber of Enlightenment
2. Phallic Point of Periapsis
3. Negative Interior Intersection
4. Supposition Course
5. Infinite Ethereal Vault
6. Endless Embodiment



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp.

Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment (Bloody Mountain Records)
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