Album Review: Swarn – Black Flame Order (Redefining Darkness Records/Raw Skull Recordz)

Swarn are a young Death-Crust act from the stone cold crypts of Estonia. While they cite bands such as Dismember, Disfear, and Wolfbrigade as influences, there is much more to Swarn then meets the eye.


While the band definitely fester in the trenches where D-Beat and Crust meet Death Metal, they also bring a Death/Doom vibe not unlike the mighty Asphyx. There are some darker moments that almost venture into a Black Metal-like atmosphere, but again, only in moments.

Black Flame Order will be released on August 2nd 2019.


Filled with an unquenchable rage and thirst to express themselves in the most intense way, Swarn’s Black Flame Order is death metal at its purest while also sneaking in elements that elevate it up and beyond.

They Are Blind is the first example of the unconventional nature that crops up. As running alongside the fire and fury is a surprisingly colourful style of guitar rhythm, giving it a much richer black metal feel.

Then we have Emptied and Silence that bleeds threat and delivers a stark warning of what is to come. Namely The Otherness with its bleak vein that turns a so-so track into something far darker and more appealing. Or the utterly filth covered death metal groove of Midnight Hunger, a track that showcases depth not found elsewhere.

While the likes of Mental Inbreeding, the title track, Labyrinth of Amygdala and Molluscian Fever are suitably more traditional but no less as brutalising.

An unforgettable listen.


Swarn – Black Flame Order Full Track Listing:

1. Mental Inbreeding
2. They are Blind
3. Emptied and Silenced
4. The Otherness
5. Black Flame Order
6. Enter the Depths
7. Labyrinth of Amygdala
8. Molluscian Fever
9. Midnight Hunger
10. Enlightenment From The Dark




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Swarn - Black Flame Order (Redefining Darkness Records/Raw Skull Recordz)
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