Album Review: Sunset Forsaken – Chameleon Waters (Musica Productions)

Chameleon Waters is the debut album by death/doom project, Sunset Forsaken which was founded by Andrey V. Tollock of Haissem fame. The new album will be released at the end of July by Russian label Musica Productions.



Delvering darkened doom rhythm with flashes of death metal heaviness, the five tracks that make up Chameleon Waters aim to leave you in a broken and battered state. The meaty groove of Remnants of a Faded Love drifts along at a tortured pace while throwing out the occasional surprising guitar solo.

The doom is turned up a notch for mind-bending sound of Sweet Endless Torture, a track that is melancholic while retaining a deep and troubling heaviness to the beat.

The same format continues throughout the middle of the album with the title track and The Last Revelation. Both excite and intrigue with their brand of heavy doom but it is the latter that really stands out with its higher-pitched guitar riffs. The highlight of the album.

The crusty and filthy vocals lead us into Catharsis, the final track. Once again it’s the guitars that make this such a memorable listen as they take us on darkness covered trip into insanity.

Sunset Forsaken – Chameleon Waters Full Track Listing:

1. Remnants of a Faded Love
2. Sweet Endless Torture
3. Chameleon Waters
4. The Last Revelation
5. Catharsis

The album is available now digitally via Bandcamp.

Sunset Forsaken - Chameleon Waters (Musica Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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