Album Review: Suffer No Fools – We Die As We Live (LifeBlood Records)

British Melodic Metallers Suffer No Fools return with their brand-new album ‘We Die As We Live’ releasing on the 17th of April 2020 through LifeBlood Records.

The four-piece are proud to be a DIY melodic metal band based in Hertfordshire. The quartet have been playing together for just over four years, collecting a loyal core fanbase across Herts and London, receiving support from national and international media.

Through their own distinct use of vocal harmonies, soaring melodies, and layers of thrashing guitars; Suffer No Fools make themselves known as a band that set themselves apart from their contemporaries, offering a bold new imagining of the metal genre.

You can tell that Suffer No Fools mean business and that they’re seeing their new album as an opportunity to take themselves up and out of the underground. With no lack of melodic metal bands in and around the UK, it does mean We Die As We Live has to be a step above the standard head-bangers you hear and happily, that is the case.

It has all the ingredients you would expect from a melodic metal band. High tempo groove, fast-paced riffing, depth-filled melodies etc. However, what makes the album that much better is how all of that is used and blended with what makes Suffer No Fools unique.

We’re talking seriously hard guitars, massive vocal hooks with harmonising and a thick layer of consistent groove that excites constantly. If Egypt doesn’t fill the soul with UK metal pride, you might need to get yourself checked out.

Then we have the epic Wicked Temptations as well as the thrashing speed of Nothing to Fear and Survive to keep the mind focused on just how good Suffer No Fools are.

With the head-banging and the foot going into spasms, Six Feet Under brings some filthy guitar groove bubbling to the surface. The vocals adding some serious growl to proceedings while also having this drawl that reminds of the late great Layne Staley (Alice in Chains).

With not a drop in quality, the latter part of the album continues to smash expectations with the thumping beat of Broken World and super-hyper Liar. All before this excellent album wraps up with one last shout-along.

Put that fist in the air and head-bang yourself into oblivion with one of the best of 2020.

Suffer No Fools – We Die As We Live Full Track Listing:

1. Cocytus
2. Egypt
3. Wicked Temptations
4. Nothing to Fear
5. Survive
6. Six Feet Under
7. Broken World
8. Liar
9. I Am Reality


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Suffer No Fools - We Die As We Live (LifeBlood Records)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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