Album Review: Stone Broken – Revelation (Spinefarm Records)

Stone Broken will release their dynamic new studio album, Revelation, via Spinefarm on April 15th, 2022.

Stone Broken front man, Rich Moss says:

We had a completely different approach on this record compared to our previous records, we wanted to try everything, we wanted to experiment, we wanted to build our sound from the ground up and totally re-imagine the ‘Stone Broken Sound’, BUT without losing what we already had. It wasn’t easy, not in the slightest, but we managed to break down a few walls to get there, and along the way had some awesome discoveries, like Robyn now having more vocal duties across the whole record, it really works well and brings a whole new dynamic to our songs.

Making a play for the big time, Stone Broken’s new album is an accessible blast of heavy rock that features anthem after anthem. From the radio rock hit of Black Sunrise to the groovy body-shaking blast that is The Devil You Know, and the poppier, anthemic title track, Stone Broken make their ambition clear with these first three tracks.

No complaints to be had, we’ve had some rocking head-bangers that are super-catchy and memorable.

Which certainly isn’t changing with the melodramatic hit of Make It Out Alive and melodic Me Without You. A pair of tracks that are sure to be fan favourites for years to come. Followed then by the straight-forward groove and sing-along that is Without A Reason, Over the Line and Stronger. Each likely to be enjoyed by fans with a wide array of musical taste. Pop, rock, hip-hop, metal… you name it. The approachability of this kind of modern rock music is incomparable.

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So, with that in mind, it’s no surprise that Stone Broken stick to the winning formula as the album comes to an end. The final trio of This Revival, So Damn Easy and Gimme Some More giving more reasons to celebrate Stone Broken’s inevitable rise to the top. A rise that will be more than deserved based off what is heard on this album.

Stone Broken’s name will be spoken about amongst the very best in rock once this album has wormed its way into the ears of the masses.

Stone Broken – Revelation Full Track Listing:

1. Black Sunrise
2. The Devil You Know
3. Revelation
4. Make It Out Alive
5. Me Without You
6. Without A Reason
7. Over the Line
8. Stronger
9. This Revival
10. So Damn Easy
11. Gimme Some More


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Stone Broken - Revelation (Spinefarm Records)
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