Album Review: Stellar Master Elite – Hologram Temple (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)

Hologram Temple is the fourth studio album of Stellar Master Elite from Trier/Germany. It will be released on May 3rd 2019 via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

The album deals with the logical development of evolution and technology, and the resultant consequences for science and the theoretically possible and quite probable, illusory nature of the reality known to us. Where does overcoming mortality lead us?

Stellar Master Elite 2

A blackened death metal epic, in that it has huge sounding heaviness as well as lengthy trips into madness, Hologram Temple is an investment album. Free up an hour and put this on…loud.

It needs to be played loud so every violent vocal roar, untamed riff and disgusted hook can be heard. It’s wall shakingly brutal stuff but structured with the care of a band more then capable of delivering exceptionally interesting heavy music.

After a lengthy bludgeoning by Null, Freewill Decrypted and Apocalypsis bring the weightiest of death metal crashing down on heads. The former is the embodiment of slow and methodical savagery while the latter takes things to a really dark and evil place.

Ad Infinitum is the first track to really showcase the more creative elements of Stellar Mater Elite’s sound. Here we get growth in both the more sci-fi bits and the more metal side of things. It’s the most drawn out but equally thrilling track so far.

Keeping things fresh, The Beast We Have Created is 5 minutes of pulverising noise and fast-paced venom. Agitation Consent War is something a little different in that it sucks at the soul with the vast sound of emptiness. The eerie sounds working alongside the whispered vocals and simple drum beat. Then Black Hole Dementia creates darkened atmosphere built on the backdrop of furious righteous noise.

The penultimate track, The Secret of Neverending Chaos is the wildest sounding track on the album which allows the 15 minute Tetragon to build subtly at first. Something it really does with slightly uncomfortable effects, a repetitive beat being hammered out and then briefly erupting in chaotic fashion. It’s utter madness but it’s madness we can all enjoy.

Stellar Master Elite 1

Stellar Master Elite – Hologram Temple Full Track Listing:

1. Null
2. Freewill Decrypted
3. Apocalypsis
4. Ad Infinitum
5. The Beast We Have Created
6. Agitation Consent War
7. Black Hole Dementia
8. The Secret Of Neverending Chaos
9. Tetragon



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp and more information found via the band’s Facebook Page.

Stellar Master Elite - Hologram Temple (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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