Album Review: State of Deceit – Stalked By Daemons (Eclipse Records)

British metalcore band State of Deceit will release their debut full-length ‘Stalked by Daemons’ via Eclipse Records on October 13th, 2023, with distribution via The Orchard.

Eagerly anticipated, State of Deceit know how to get the blood pumping in veins and this record is the epitome of this. Beginning in feral fashion with the guttural groove of Endure My Fate, where thrashy riffs compel the head to bang… hard.

The bar has been set, but State of Deceit are only getting started and with Demi-God they double down the groove, while still being uncompromisingly intense. The combination of guitar squeals and throat-tearing roars are the stuff of heavy dreams. Though the following Stalked By Daemons, Guarded By Angels might be the stuff of nightmares. A head-busting blast of intensity, with a strong melodic tone in the chorus to give it that metalcore taste. No repetitiveness here though as the overall heavy groove of the track is deliciously addictive.

There’s a big tone shift following this frenetic set of opening tracks, as State of Deceit push the melody to the forefront, go grander, but still keep things heavy on Hate Within. It’s a track with one of the album’s best choruses as it is so epic sounding. Before Withered brings back the speed with aplomb and has guitar soloing on another level. Followed then by the pounding and pummelling Mark of the Whale, a track with so much groove, but a chorus that just soars.

State of Deceit are sounding like a band ready for the big time, clearly having spent a lot of time making this album the best it could possibly be. It’s what makes listening on such a compelling decision and one that turns out to be the right choice as Scorched and Suffer deliver equal amounts of muscle tearing groove, neck-breaking heaviness, and soul rendering melody.

Leading to At What Cost? A track with a fair bit more abrasive intensity about it. There’s a rawer edge, yet it’s still bouncy, animated, and with a chorus that gets under the skin. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the nu-metal touches that exist within the track. Notable, but not in a distracting way.

Finally, it’s Digital Tattoo and one last chance to bang the freaking head until it hurts. Although that implies this album isn’t going to be getting a ton of repeat plays, which is absurd considering the absolute quality of it. State of Deceit have arrived and the metal landscape is shifting under their weight.

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State of Deceit – Stalked by Daemons Track Listing:

1. Endure My Fate
2. Demi-God
3. Stalked By Daemons, Guarded By Angels
4. Hate Within
5. Withered
6. Mark Of The Whale
7. Scorched
8. Suffer
9. At What Cost?
10. Digital Tattoo


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State of Deceit - Stalked By Daemons (Eclipse Records)
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