Album Review: Stage Of Reality – Stage Of Reality (Rock Avenue U.S.A.)

The new self-titled album of Stage Of Reality was released on October 14th via Rock Avenue U.S.A. A mix between heavy and rock music with 2 special guests: Blaze Bayley and Amanda Somerville (Epica, Avantasia).

Reality 1

Playing a modern sounding yet traditional style of metal with big riffs, slamming guitar hooks, soaring solos & classic sounding vocals. Stage of Reality start things off well with Spectral Drum Down & Think Twice. The latter of the two really shines with catchy rhythm, a wicked solo & top shelf drumming.

The first of the special guests pops up in Warlord. Blaze Bayley is a legend mainly thanks to his time in Iron Maiden. A chugging riff is kind of spoiled by the beeping sound of a computer but Bayley’s vocals make up for it, the dude has such a commanding voice. The second of the special guests is Amanda Somerville who lends her power to a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.

A surprising cover but also one that is really good. Somerville kills it with a sultry style that has a little bit of the Winehouse about it.

Stage of Reality is filled with banging riffs & hooks that get the body moving with ease. Whether it’s the darker edge of Don’t Touch the Children, the catchy groove of Wake Up or the larger then life rhythm of Never.

Bad Religion & Dignity wrap things up nicely. The former an up-tempo rocking & riffing number while the latter is one of the catchier tracks of the entire album. A strong double finish that satisfies as much as the album as a whole does.

Reality 2

Stage of Reality – Stage of Reality Full Track Listing:

1. Spectral Drum Down
2. Think Twice
3. Warlord (feat. Blaze Bayley)
4. Not in Vain
5. Don’t Touch the Children
6. Back to Black (Amy Winehouse Cover feat. Amanda Somerville)
7. Wake Up
8. Legitimate Rage
9. Never
10. Bad Religion
11. Dignity

You can pick up the album, earlier music & merchandise over on the band’s website. Check them out on Spotify & via Apple Music below. Find out more about the band on their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out some of their videos over on YouTube too.

Stage Of Reality - Stage Of Reality (Rock Avenue U.S.A.)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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