Album Review: Soldat Hans – Es Taut (Wolves And Vibrancy Records)

Switzerland-based sextet Soldat Hans take their name from the old fairytale “Des Teufels russiger Bruder” by the brothers Grimm. On April 28th 2018 they will release their sophomore album, Es Taut via Wolves And Vibrancy Records. A three song album spanning 54 minutes.

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The word is ‘epic’. No surprise really considering what’s on offer with Es Taut.

The first of three tracks is over 26 minutes long. Take that in for a moment. Then sit down, close your eyes & get lost in the investment, you won’t regret it.

Think mournful melody, dark but soft atmosphere, flashes of furious black metal heaviness, inventive use of instrumentation and emotionally effecting vocals. Think all of that & you’re halfway there with Story of the Flood.

It’s a surprise to then get something of a short track with Schoner Zerbirst: Part I. Here the vocals take centre stage, really hammering home the emotive & introspective style of the album. The clean sorrowful effort does well to leave an impression.

It’s then up to Schoner Zerbirst: Part II to see things out. Initially lacking the impact felt by the first two tracks, it picks up in the latter half switching to a harder sound, a wicked chugging rhythm, guitar oddities that deliver & hoarse screaming vocals.

It’s the kind of finish that the album needed seeing as it leans heavily on the more melodic side for the majority. Not that it’s a bad thing, both elements work brilliantly individually & together.

Es Taut is a fascinating listen, one that impresses with the wide variety on show.

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Soldat Hans – Es Taut Full Track Listing:

1. Story Of The Flood
2. Schoner Zerbirst: Part I
3. Schoner Zerbirst: Part II

Keep an eye on Wolves and Vibrancy Records Bandcamp to order the album and pick up Soldat Hans’ earlier releases on their Bandcamp. You can find out more and keep up to date with news by checking out the band’s website and Facebook Page. You can also listen to their music on Soundcloud and watch their videos on YouTube.

Soldat Hans - Es Taut (Wolves And Vibrancy Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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