Album Review: Sleep Talk – Everything in Colour (UNFD)

Adelaide alternative outfit Sleep Talk will release their forthcoming debut full-length Everything In Colour on 3rd May 2019.

After first making their statement with their 2016 EP Growing Pains, Sleep Talk threw themselves into creating a debut album that took the details of everyday life and elevated them in a way that could be interpreted by everyone in their own way. The album is an honest, artistic commentary on the common human thread of struggling with modern routine, and how we all cope through this confusing and fascinating thing we call life. Sonically, it perfectly sums up the band’s uniquely precise-yet-frenetic brand of alternative.

“I wanted to write content that maybe to me, had a very specific meaning but was vague enough that people could interpret the lyrics how they deemed fit,” explains vocalist Clement.

Sleep Talk 2

Damn, this is a good release.

Opening with a really interesting sounding mix of temperamental guitar rhythm, hardcore bursts and restrained anger, Lauritzen impresses. As does the following The Sun, the exceedingly good riffs and broken tempos turning what could be run of the mill metalcore into something genuinely exciting.

Sleep Talk keep us on our toes by then introducing clean vocals at the end of the great Slowfade and at the beginning of the title track. The latter has a little of the pop-rock about it at first but the depth in the guitars and drums will quickly dissuade that thought.

If I Die’s sullen rhythm fused with some of the most powerful vocals on the album makes a shout for being the best track on the album. The screams that make up the latter part of the track are phenomenal.

They certainly know how to create atmosphere, something you might not expect with this kind of alternative metal. Shadow is deliriously dark, Allergic to the World flips from concentrated fury to moody melody and The New Year is almost mellow by comparison to everything else found on the album.

Sleep Talk have really impressed here.

Sleep Talk 1

Sleep Talk – Everything in Colour Full Track Listing:

1. Lauritzen
2. The Sun
3. Slowfade
4. Everything in Colour
5. If I Die
6. New Tradition
7. Shadow
8. Allergic to the World
9. Sleep Talk
10. The New Year
11. Kill

The album can be ordered via UNFD’s store here. Find out more and keep up to date with news via Sleep Talk’s Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.

Sleep Talk - Everything in Colour (UNFD)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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