Album Review: SiXforNinE – Parallel Universe (Eclipse Records)

SiXforNinE is an alternative metal band from Athens, Greece which features former Septicflesh drummer Fotis Benardo on lead vocals.

Their new album ‘Parallel Universe’ contains nine high-energy active rock anthems and the album is primed to be unleashed upon the world like a highly-contagious virus come August 2nd 2019 via Eclipse Records.

The melodic rock twang and strong bedrock of riffs/clean singing on Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining will tell you plenty in regards to what you need to know about SiXforNinE. Unoffensive hard rock with huge choruses, rich riffing, the occasional solo and plenty of good time groove.

However, what marks SiXforNinE out as something different is how layered and complex their music is. This isn’t a verse, chorus, verse, chorus…kind of rock, instead going on a myriad of twists and turns making it all the more exciting.

Life Devouring Demons is a real early highlight as the slightly thicker drum beat and scratchier vocals give it a darker vibe. Then Bullet Off Its Course had me thinking I was playing Duke Nukem with its opening guitar and drum salvo. Although it devolves into a more melodic number with occasional chunky slabs thrown in.

Never Ending Road and More Than Words Can Say showcase the continually impressive guitar riffing before we get a bit of an epic in the form of Counting Stars (A Parallel Universe). At over 9 minutes long, it’s certainly a brave move from SiXforNinE but it pays off.

A slow bassy beat, eerie effects and subtle vocals builds us towards a ripping finale that sees SiXforNinE go for complete broke and nail it.

How do you follow that? Simply by delivering a handful of super groovy tracks in the form of Out of the Blue, Sea of Lies and Meditation HyperJam. Tracks that are filled to the brim with body-shaking and head-banging energy. All so very satisfying.

SiXforNinE – Parallel Universe Full Track Listing:

1. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
2. Life Devouring Demons
3. Bullet Off Its Course
4. Never Ending Road
5. More Than Words Can Say
6. Counting Stars (A Parallel Universe)
7. Out of the Blue
8. Sea of Lies
9. Meditation HyperJam


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SiXforNinE - Parallel Universe (Eclipse Records)
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