Album Review: Siete Lagunas – I & II (La Caverna Records)

Siete Lagunas is a side project of two members of Colombian Doom/Death band Cóndor.

The project is a band of dark, experimental and raw black metal, with short tracks, intertwined with brief incursions into the realm of noise. All material was written and recorded in short, spontaneous bursts. The band´s lyrics are attempts to channel the spirits of the mountains and the lakes around the pre-Colombian Chibcha culture.

This release is a combination of the band’s first two demos, I and II and is out now via La Caverna Records.



The rawness of this release shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s just a matter of if the poor quality of the recording/mix is going to be enough to hold your attention. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s a bit of a mess and very hard to get on with.

Siete Lagunas’ experimental black metal vibe is intriguing but is certainly rough. The feedback on the guitars is constant but the thing you’ll remember from the likes of Madremonte and are the high-pitched vocal screeches and yelps. They’re pretty horrific on the ears but often when the album is at its most clear. When it does kick into a heavier more traditional rhythm it’s incredibly muddy. It’s a demo, sure and that means it gets some leeway but it has to be somewhat listenable and at times, it just isn’t.

It’s at its strongest when just going all out in the metal department as it does on Aquanoso and on Los bosques de Arcadia. The latter’s vocals are so strained and painful.

The second part of the album, II continues the same raw and unrefined sound but whereas the I was muddy, this is a bit more tinny and sharp on the ears. Leaning way more towards noise rather then a specific style of metal, the constipated vocals of La reina de las moscas will appeal to those who like their music to sound horrifying because that is exactly what it sounds like.

Un cadáver junto al río would probably be the standout track if it wasn’t be this annoying fuzz that is layered over the rhythm and spoken word sections.

That Oscurece en la segunda laguna then shows of some nice guitar melody is surprising and quite welcome. It’s an unexpected way for the record to end which makes you think. Siete Lagunas probably have a lot more to offer then this double demo album shows.

Siete Lagunas 1

Siete Lagunas – I and II Full Track Listing:

1. Llegando a la primera laguna / Carco
2. Madremonte
3. Aguanoso
4. Los bosques de Arcadia
5. Väinämöinen Sutatenza
6. Descenso lunar
7. El rugir de la segunda laguna
8. La reina de las moscas
9. Un cadáver junto al río
10. Oscurece en la segunda laguna

You can order the album now over on Bandcamp.

Siete Lagunas - I & II (La Caverna Records)
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