Album Review: Shrapnel – In Gravity (Candlelight Records)

UK heavyweights Shrapnel’s forthcoming new album ‘In Gravity’ is the sound of rebirth and marks the launch of a new chapter for the band. It will be released via Candlelight Records on May 31st, 2024.

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Bludgeoning folks since 2009, Shrapnel have grown into one of the most dependable heavy bands in the world across multiple releases and countless live shows. When you hear the name Shrapnel, you immediately think of being torn apart by this band’s heavy sound.

The good news is that this is still very much the case on In Gravity. Shrapnel have poured a lot of intensity into this record. However, this is an evolved Shrapnel and they’re beginning to flex their melodic side as much as their metal muscles. Crafting a more obviously anthemic and accessible heavy sound with the likes of the title track, which features Bleed from Within’s Scott Kennedy, the methodical riffiness of Amber Screams, and the hyper meatiness of Guardian.

Shrapnel keeping things nice and tight, leaving just enough time to take a deep breath before the next hefty hit comes in. Breaker’s hardy rhythm section has thrashier bursts, but the heavy is balanced by a chorus that mellows things out nicely. Then the halfway point of the album is reached with Judgement, a track that builds up in power, and sees Shrapnel unleashing some of the thickest riffs. The dreamy edge that comes to some of the vocal parts is also quite interesting. One of their more controlled examples of melody running headfirst into heaviness.

This is the modern song writing abilities of Shrapnel and it should come as no surprise that the second half of the album keeps the quality high. First with the absolute head-banger that is Dark Age, a sure to be live favourite thanks to the frenetic guitar/drum combo and a chorus that goes very hard.

Then with Follow the Cold, a bit of a throwback track as far as thrashy focus goes. Before a melodic intermission style track called As Above… sets up the manic heavy groove of …So Below. A section of the album that those who want a meaner Shrapnel sound will be very happy with. Though don’t be fooled, it is still all about being anthemic and the chorus will prove that. Leading to the big finale of Absolution. The longest track on the album, and also the most melodramatic of all. Dark and broody, it’s a slow-burn finish that eventually explodes with intensity.

The direction that Shrapnel are heading in is clear, and they certainly have the musical chops to make it work. In Gravity is a crowd-pleaser that has the potential to win them a lot of new fans, even if some of it threaten to lose parts of their established base. Will it be worth it? Only time will tell, but all the signs point to it being a smart decision for Shrapnel.

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Shrapnel – In Gravity Track Listing:

1. In Gravity (Featuring Scott Kennedy)
2. Amber Screams
3. Guardian
4. Breaker
5. Judgement
6. Dark Age
7. Follow The Cold
8. As Above…
9. …So Below
10. Absolution


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Shrapnel - In Gravity (Candlelight Records)
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