Album Review: Sharzall – Black Sun (NRT-Records)

Slovakian goth metal band Sharzall are due to release their latest album Black Sun. It’s is out on June 16th 2017 via NRT-Records.

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The opening haunting soundtrack that starts off Black Sun sets the scene for what follows perfectly. It gives off an ‘end of the world’ vibe & Sharzall are here to welcome it in. Their blend of gothic metal, punk swagger & synthy sound is perhaps not what one might expect but it certainly grabs the attention.

Hell Quit’s catchy chorus, Piker Man’s exciting riffs & Crisis’ dark use of synths ensures the first couple of songs stand out. There’s an apocalyptic style to the album but one that is less about the doom & gloom. Let’s all drink to the end with Black Sun blasting out of the speakers.

It’s going to be Way to Die that you’ll probably want to play over & over again. It’s got some serious sexy swagger about it, bass hooks that get under the skin, a methodically exciting drum beat & the best vocal performance on the album.

The mix of throaty roars & goth induced clean vocals works so well together & it rarely overshadows the music. It’s got a nice unique edge to it, in particular the more goth style. That style really shines on the excellent Love Is On The Ground. Incredibly catchy, it soars through the mind & shows a band clearly high in confidence that they can deliver such strong tunes.

What you’ll really remember about Black Sun though are the synth elements that mix so well with the rocking guitar riffs. The title track, Black Sun showcases this combo wonderfully. A real floor filler that has a sexy 80’s upbeat vibe about it.

11 tracks, 36 minutes long, it’s over far too soon. Black Sun ends on the longest track, the moodier sounding Frozen Touch. It’s got a much darker sound & ends up falling a bit flat, lacking a lot of the excitement that came throughout the rest of the album.

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Sharzall – Black Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Prologue
2. Hell Quit
3. Piker Man
4. Crisis
5. Way to Die
6. Frontline
7. Love is On The Ground
8. Death March
9. Black Sun
10. New Day
11. Frozen Touch

You can pick up Black Sun over on Bandcamp as well as via Amazon & iTunes below. Check out Sharzall over on Facebook!

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Sharzall - Black Sun (NRT-Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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