Album Review: Seven Hundredth Unicorn – Culture of Fear (Self Released)

Seven Hundredth Unicorn are a 2 piece Metal/Sludge band from Milton Keynes, UK. Citing bands Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Isis and Mastodon as major inspirations, they combine elements of Metal, Sludge and Doom.

Their new album, Culture of Fear is out on April 26th 2019.

Seven Hundredth Unicorn 2

Banging. In the most positive way possible. Seven Hundredth Unicorn are another band showcasing the strength in the British metal scene today. Ten tracks of face-melting, head-cracking heaviness that starts with an absolute rager in the form of Triumph Through Tragedy. The ferocious fire of this opener, a crusty sludge start, is one that pleases on every front.

How do you follow that up? Well, if you’re Seven Hundredth Unicorn, you go down low and even more dirty with Axe to Grind. The doomy riffing is one thing but the hoarse roaring vocals are quite another. The two fit together perfectly.

Exemplifying the passion that we’ve come to expect from the British metal bands, Seven Hundredth Unicorn smash their way through Demons before slamming hard into the roadblock of sludgy grooviness that is Weak and Unable.

Really excelling when they throw caution to the wind, delivering no nonsense heaviness, the drops into more groovy and sometimes melodic moments also hold up really well. The likes of War is Terror is on par with the wildest of hardcore while New World Disorder has the chunkiest of riffs.

At over an hour long, there’s a lot to enjoy here and with the more expansive efforts like the title track and The Healing Hand, enjoy most will. Seventh Hundredth Unicorn do heavy well but they also do clever swings, time changes and rhythm shifts impressively well.


Seven Hundredth Unicorn 1

Seven Hundredth Unicorn – Culture of Fear Full Track Listing:

1. Triumph Through Tragedy
2. Axe to Grind
3. Demons
4. Weak and Unable
5. War is Terror
6. New World Disorder
7. Culture of Fear
8. The Healing Hand
9. Unleash the Beast
10. Reaper



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp here and you can find out more via Facebook.

Seven Hundredth Unicorn - Culture of Fear (Self Released)
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