Album Review: Serpents Oath – Nihil (Soulseller Records)

Serpents Oath’s rebellious debut album “Nihil” is set to take the world by storm with its relentless and unforgiving version of nihilistic black metal. Witness the unleashing of the beast on December 4th 2020 through Soulseller Records.

Tes Re Oth had the following to say:

The vision behind the band is one of transformation. This shines through first and foremost in the lyrics and is carried through in the cover art and other visuals. The transformation is that of an individual striving to become transhuman with the ultimate goal of beating even Death. This is the ultimate rebellion as even Death is not accepted as a given.

A scornful debut, the black metal horror is deeply ingrained in this one. The growing dreariness that builds into malevolent sounds of Vox Mortis in turn erupts into the chaotic and familiar assault of wicked and malicious black metal that is Speaking in Tongues and Leviathan Speaks. If you want to get listeners attention, this is the way to do it.

Interestingly, several times throughout the album we get these short atmospheric segments. The first being Thrice Cursed and later, Bestia Resurrectus and Mephisto. Each last no more than 30-odd seconds but adds much to the overall feeling of revulsion that is the prevalent throughout.

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Though, of course, what really makes Nihil a memorable listen for fans of the extreme are the likes of Malediction, Serpents of Eight and Into the Abyss. The middle portion of the album, where abhorrence and wrath combine to create a maelstrom of hateful but addictive black metal music.

Such contempt as portrayed by Serpents Oath needs an ending though as there is only so much a person can take. It comes with the combo of The Beast Reborn and The Swords of Night and Day. A pairing that stick to the focus of the album and deliver scorching fury to leave the world in ashes. Although there is actually an outro called Beyond the Gates to help bookend things.

Serpents Oath – Nihil Full Track Listing:

1. Vox Mortis
2. Speaking in Tongues
3. Leviathan Speaks
4. Thrice Cursed
5. Malediction
6. Serpents of Eight
7. Bestia Resurrectus
8. Into the Abyss
9. Mephisto
10. The Beast Reborn
11. The Swords of Night and Day
12. Beyond the Gates


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Serpents Oath - Nihil (Soulseller Records)
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