Album Review: Scrotoctomy – Born to Eviscerate (Gore House Productions)

When your band name is Scrotoctomy there’s a big chance you’re not about to crack out a ukulele & start crooning about lost loves. Not unless it’s about tearing their guts out. Scrotoctomy’s latest album, Born to Eviscerate is out now via Gore House Productions.

Scrotoctomy 2

9 songs, 25 minutes long, Born to Eviscerate does everything in its power to destroy the mind & senses with some seriously hyper-aggressive death metal. It’s brutal, uncompromising with vocals that sound like someone is burping or gargling down the mic. You’re going to have to have a taste for this kind of music to really enjoy this & even then it doesn’t make things easy.

How do you describe a track like 818? Imagine a toilet backing up after weeks of use with no flushing…imagine the devil has just been kicked in the balls…you’re kind of close to the sound.

Here’s the thing, it’s not bad. In fact it has got a real charm about it thanks to the sheer assault of the drums & guitars. The ending to the title track is insanely heavy, you just want to go straight back & hear it again!

The start of Samurai Disembowelment sounds like a pack of motorbikes all starting up at once while Through Maggots and Entrails makes a real good case for being the heaviest song on the album before Sextrangulation attempts to tear your face off.

This really is an album you have to hear to fully appreciate. Very easily dismissed as just noise it has far more going for it though with some intriguing beats & riffs that stand out thanks to quality production.

If you’re still in one piece by time Psychological Mutilation comes on, you won’t be by time it finishes. One final attempt by Scrototomy to disembowel you completely with blasting riffs of death metal & vocals that are borderline uncomfortable to listen too.

Scrotoctomy 1

Scrotoctomy – Born to Eviscerate Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Royal Impalement
3. 818
4. Born to Eviscerate
5. Samurai Disembowelment
6. Through Maggots and Entrails
7. Sextrangulation
8. The Taste of Sickness
9. Psychological Mutilation

Born to Eviscerate is out now via Gore House Productions & can be streamed/bought from most major music sites. You can also pick up the album & more on Amazon below.

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Scrotoctomy - Born to Eviscerate (Gore House Productions)
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