Album Review: Scorching Winter – Victim (Self Released)

Scorching Winter are a hard rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia & Victim is their first full length release. You can buy the album over on BandCamp as well as on iTunes.

From the moment the keyboard intro of Chapter I: The Six Headed Beast begins it’s easy to draw comparisons with other female-fronted/symphonic bands out there like Within Temptation, Nightwish & Epica. Unlike those bands though, Scorching Winter focuses more on the instruments creating some ear-pleasing riffs & melodies that are backed up by the silky soft vocals of frontwoman Tina Papadimitriou.

Those looking for something a bit different from the run of the mill power/symphonic rock can find a lot to enjoy here. It has some nice prog elements littered throughout such as the guitar work on Chapter III: From the Ashes. This song in particular stands out for its great drum beat & twisty guitar work.

The album shines when it dips its toe into the more hard rock sound. Tracks like Chapter IV: The Hunt really up the tempo, faster paced with some slick sounding guitar work.

It never gets boring as there are so many differing elements throughout. Chapter V: Hiding in the Shadows mid-point change in direction is a great example of this. Moving from a slower vocal led style into a head-banging hard beat. It’s one of the highlights of an impressive album.

If it dips in quality anywhere its with the penultimate track, Chapter VII: Devil in the Mirror. Just lacking the punch of rock & melody found elsewhere.

Chapter VIII: My Gift, My Curse ends things as strongly as they begun. A lovely piano intro leads into a blast of guitars that develops into a really catchy melody. Scorching Winter know how to write great music & this album is a hell of a statement for the future.

Full Track Listing:

1. Chapter I: The Six-Headed Beast
2. Chapter II: On Hands and Knees
3. Chapter III: From the Ashes
4. Chapter IV: The Hunt
5. Chapter V: Hiding in the Shadows
6. Chapter VI: Wrath
7. Chapter VII: Devil in the Mirror
8. Chapter VIII: My Gift, My Curse

We’d like to thank Scorching Winter & Stencil PR for providing us with a copy of the album for review. If you want to find out more about the band check out their official website, their Facebook page, on Instagram, over on YouTube & on SoundCloud.

Scorching Winter - Victim (Self Released)
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